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A Stroke of Genius: Amazing Hand-painted Cakes

By Lyndsay Sung
Hand-painted CakeA beautiful trend in cake design currently is hand-painting cakes. From intricate tiny detail work to lush painterly brush strokes, painting by hand can be traditional, modern or completely conceptual. It does seem painful to cut into these works of art though right? Ah, such are the trials and tribulations of the modern day cake eater. Check out some truly frame-worthy works of cake art; although I wouldn’t recommend framing them - except between your teeth! Read more »

Pretty Smashing Piñata Cakes

By Lyndsay Sung
Piñata CakeCinco de Mayo is on its way and I’m dreaming about the perfect cake; one that’s just dying to be baked... and smashed. Yes, I’m talking about our friend: the piñata cake. This Cinco de Mayo might just be the best one ever, thanks to these waiting-to-smashed piñata themed cakes. Read more »

I’ll Have Fries With That: Burger Cakes!

By Lyndsay Sung
Burger CakesChomp right into this delightful and simple-to-make Burger Cake step-by-step tutorial. Plus, explore a collection of awesome fast food cakes to inspire your creativity and ignite your deep fried cravings! Read more »

How to Make Isomalt Sea Coral

By Wendy McGowan
Isomalt Sea CoralThere are so many incredible things to see in the world; sea coral is one of those beautiful and mysterious wonders! So, I think it is thrilling to be able to recreate sea coral in sugar. It is quick, easy and super fun to make! Take your sea cakes up a notch. Read more »

Handcrafted Cake Toppers

By Lyndsay Sung
Handcrafted Cake ToppersHandcrafted cake toppers can really elevate a celebration cake - perhaps the topper is a matching element to a themed wedding cake, or perhaps it’s the one colorful and well-designed accent on an otherwise simple and beautifully frosted tiered buttercream cake. You'll love these inspirational toppers, from laser cut wooden ones, to hand-painted, to simple paper cut outs, to hand-drawn loveliness, and more! Read more »

Spatulas and Cake Baking

By Jessie Oleson Moore
SpatulasWhen it comes to baking and cake decorating, spatulas are an invaluable tool. These implements with a broad, flat, flexible blade can be applied to a myriad of different uses: to name a few, mixing, spreading, lifting, and transferring. But with so many different variations and types, what sort of spatula is most appropriate for the task at hand? Here’s a primer on the different types of spatulas and their uses for cake baking. Read more »

First Birthday Cakes: Beautiful Baby Birthday Cake Ideas

By Jessie Oleson Moore
First Birthday CakesA baby’s first birthday is a cause for celebration, and that means you’re going to need a fantastic cake! From simple but sweet to over-the-top and elaborate, here are some first birthday cakes to inspire you to create a masterpiece for this milestone event. Guaranteed to please babies and adults alike. Read more »

We Do, Darkly: Dark and Moody Wedding Cakes

By Lyndsay Sung
Dark Wedding CakesNowadays with wedding cakes, the world is truly your black, red, fuchsia, neon green... oyster! Enjoy some alternative choices to the classic white on white wedding cake - dark in color but never lacking in artful style, destined to create a mood and set a scene. Read more »

Ruffle My Feathers: Peacock Party Cake!

By Lyndsay Sung
Peacock CakesRuffle some feathers and strut your stuff at your next celebration with a pretty buttercream iced peacock party cake! This cake has all the right moves for a modern and simple birthday bash, bridal shower, or even as part of an assortment of cakes on a wedding dessert table spread! Learn how to make it here. Read more »