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Wedding Anniversary Cakes

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Wedding Anniversary CakesThe cake is one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of any wedding. So why not recreate a bit of that magic every year with a beautiful anniversary cake? From simple and sophisticated to over the top decorated extravaganzas, these cakes are proof that cake, like love, can be a great adventure! Read more »

How to Design a Cake: 5 Simple Steps

By Wendy McGowan
How to Design a CakeWe love getting the details perfect and watching as we turn simple ingredients into a work of art, but before we even turn the oven on, we need a plan. Here are 5 steps that may help you on the road to designing a cake. Read more »

How to Level a Cake

By Jessie Oleson Moore
How to Level a CakeIs your cake on the level? Here are a few different ways to ensure a perfectly flat top for an optimal stacking and decorating surface on your cake! Read more »

Literary Cakes: Reading is Totally Sweet, When it’s in Cake Form!

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Literary CakesReading is totally sweet! That couldn’t be more true than in the case of these literary-themed cakes, which are not only visual treats, but delicious to eat as well. From childhood classics to modern bestsellers, here’s a delicious collection of cakes inspired by books and authors. You’ll want to devour them--literally! Read more »

Wedding Cake Trends: Fondant Frills and Ruffles

By Wendy McGowan
Wedding Cake Trends Fondant Frills and RufflesWhen it comes to wedding cakes in 2013, fondant ruffles and frills are all the rage! The design possibilities for these beautiful embellishments are unlimited: you can cover an entire cake, only a single tier, or just a small portion of the cake. Let's explore the many ways to enhance your cakes with these elegant ruffles, that brides so adore. Read more »

Types of Cakes: Foam, Butter, & More

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Types of CakesThere are so many wonderful cakes in the world. From Angel Food and Birthday Cake to Red Velvet and Strawberry Shortcake, there are infinite glorious variations on this luscious and inherently happy food. But did you know that most cakes are just variations of a few simple types? It’s true. Learn the basic types of cakes, and you have a base of batter knowledge that you can take in hundreds of different cake decorating and flavor directions! Read more »

How to Make Fondant Popcorn

By Wendy McGowan
How to Make Fondant PopcornMovies and popcorn are like milk and cookies; they are meant to be together! So what better to go with a movie-themed party and a movie-themed cake than fondant popcorn? Making this sugary treat is much easier than you think! Read more »

A Stroke of Genius: Amazing Hand-painted Cakes

By Lyndsay Sung
Hand-painted CakeA beautiful trend in cake design currently is hand-painting cakes. From intricate tiny detail work to lush painterly brush strokes, painting by hand can be traditional, modern or completely conceptual. It does seem painful to cut into these works of art though right? Ah, such are the trials and tribulations of the modern day cake eater. Check out some truly frame-worthy works of cake art; although I wouldn’t recommend framing them - except between your teeth! Read more »