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Figure Drawing Tips

By Paul Heaston
Figure DrawingFigure drawing offers the chance to sharpen your observational acuity and hone your skills in a variety of media, all while working from a real live person. You can explore line, value, space and anatomy, all in one session. Learning how to draw accurately in a short period of time is an important skill for any observational artist because it opens up a world of sketching opportunities. Read more »

Hues, Tints, Tones and Shades: What’s the Difference?

By Paul Heaston

A lot of us use the terms hue, tint, tone and shade when referring to color, but did you know each of these terms has a very specific meaning? For a painter, knowing the difference is important when communicating concepts and mixing the right colors.

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The Elusive Ellipse: Drawing Ellipses in Perspective

By Paul Heaston
Drawing Ellipses in PerspectiveAny artist can tell you how tricky it is to draw ellipses in perspective. The top of the flower pot, the lid on a jar, the base of the barn silo-- whether it’s a still life or a landscape, you’re bound to encounter the challenge of depicting a foreshortened circle, or ellipse, in just about any drawing or painting. Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial for getting your ellipses right! Read more »

Painting a Pine Tree in Acrylics

By Paul Heaston
Painting a Pine Tree in AcrylicsPainting a tree can feel like a daunting task for any landscape painter, from beginner to pro. With all the branches, leaves, and bark, it seems like nothing could be more complicated than a tree. And it is true, you could spend days painting all of that information. But there are ways to conquer painting a tree without obsessing over each and every detail. All you have to do is simplify. And here's a step-by-step tutorial to help you do just that! Read more »

The History of Portraiture

By Paul Heaston
History of PortraitureAs long as people have made art there have been portraits. Enjoy a trip through history, looking at how portraits began and where the discipline is in the art world today. Read more »