• 14:24

    Choosing Designs & Fabric for Machine Embroidery

    Fabric is the first and most important choice you’ll make says machine embroidery instructor Lindee Goodall. In this video, Lindee talks you through a trunk show of examples of how fabric choice can help determine stabilizer selection and more. She also advises how to avoid a too-complicated design and points out the pitfalls that doom…

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  • 10:46

    Image Transfer Techniques

    Heather Thomas talks about image transferring. Learn two ways to take a photograph or image and transfer it to fabrics, papers, or mediums that are washable. Discover different techniques that allow you to be creative with your quilting, sewing or embroidery.

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  • 23:04

    Hand Embroidering T-Shirts

    Hand embroidery instructor Jessica Marquez introduces you to the world of embroidering on knits. This tricky material can lead to puckering or squished stitches if not approached correctly. Jessica shares her preferred method for handwork on t-shirts: using a backing made from the same material as the t-shirt as a stabilizer and a wash-away topper…

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  • 20:01

    Choosing Stabilizers for Machine Embroidery

    Picking the right stabilizer is more art than science. Embroidery instructor Lindee Goodall offers the reasons behind choosing stabilizers while sharing the contents of her own stabilizer stash. Also included are examples of when to use cut-away vs. organza, wash-away vs. tear-away, along with a primer on toppings. With numerous visual examples of stabilizers and…

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  • 12:50

    Hooping for Machine Embroidery

    You can’t undo a bad hooping, says machine embroidery instructor Lindee Goodall, which is why Lindee is here to demonstrate how to do it correctly. First, Lindee leads a discussion on the different types of hoops available and how to determine which would be right for your project. Then she shares her method for hooping…

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  • 27:50

    Learn How to Embroider Spot Stitches & French Knots

    Expand your stitch library as embroidery instructor Kat McTee teaches you how to do an array of new spot stitches! Kat demonstrates how to do individual cross stitch X’s as well as a full line of them. Then she expands on that stitch to create small and large star stitches. Next up are fern stitches,…

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  • 23:51

    Finishing Options for Hand Embroidery

    Show off your fabulous embroidery projects with clever finishing ideas and help from instructor Kat McTee! For small projects, Kat demonstrates how to make a simple sachet (the same technique you would use to make a full pillow) then goes step by step through the process of making an embroidered patch. For larger wall hangings,…

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  • 14:23

    Hand Embroidering Denim

    Get a fashion stitch fix by adding embroidery to your favorite denim garments. Embroidery instructor Kat McTee shares the important tools and tips you’ll need to succeed. First, Kat leads a discussion on the main types of stabilizers available for use in garment stitching and advises on her favorite type to use with denim. Then…

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  • 5:59

    Hand Embroidering Letters & Numbers

    Personalize any embroidery design by adding a name or other message; embroidery instructor Kat McTee shares her best advice! When picking a font, says Kat, there are several things to keep in mind with regards to size, script and embellishment. Kat demonstrates how to do the couching stitch to create a more 3D element using…

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