7 Creative Ways to Say Goodbye to Scraps

Throwing away your craft supplies is hard — even when it comes to tiny scraps or projects riddled with mistakes. The good news: You don’t actually have to throw away your rejected crafts!

To help you get more use out of your extra bits of creativity, we’re sharing a quick tip for every craft. Which is your favorite?

Seaming knits with red yarn

1Seam Your Knits

While you might not want to use contrasting yarn like we show here, you can use similar yarns to close up small seams in your knitting projects.

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Scrappy Quilt Binding

2Create a Custom Quilt Binding

Save long, skinny strips for a scrappy quilt binding! Bonus points for using colors and prints that match your quilt top, but you can also go with a mismatched look!

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T-Shirt Refashion

3Upgrade Your T-Shirts

Turn “just OK” T-shirts into tops you’ll want to wear again and again with less than a yard of fashion fabric.

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4Give Amigurumi Eyes

Little bits of yarn can turn amigurumi projects from lifeless forms to cuddly characters! Just a few inches go a long way when adding facial features

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whipped egg whites

5Use Up All Your Eggs

Did a recipe call for just egg yolks? Don’t get rid of the whites! Here’s how you can whip ’em up.

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fondant lavender

6Make Versatile Filler Flowers

Sugar flower arrangements look SO much better with filler flowers in the mix! Make a few stems with leftovers and pull them out when you need them.

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Watercolor Gift Tags

7Cut Out Gift Tags

Find the prettiest portions of your practice paintings, cut the out and turn them into gift tags or labels. Easy!

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