14 Colorful Mandala Crochet Patterns Perfect for Stash Busting

Mandalas are popping up everywhere lately, from adult coloring pages to home decor — but mandalas are not new to crocheters! Mandala crochet patterns are great projects no matter what your crochet skill level is. They’re wonderful introductions to crocheting in the round and for trying out new stitches, and more experienced crocheters can use mandalas to experiment with different color palettes and stitch combinations.

Mandala Crochet Patterns

What to do with crochet mandalas

Crochet mandalas are great for home decor like rugs, wall art, coasters and doilies. Because the patterns use so many colors, they are also perfect for stash busting! Take a look at these colorful creations and you’re sure to find inspiration to create your very own version of any of these mandala crochet patterns.

15 beautiful mandala crochet patterns

Magical Mandalas Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member AgrarianArtisan

1. Magical Mandalas

This pattern includes instructions for eight different mandalas. There are plenty of photos, too, so you’ll find lots of color inspiration no matter which mandala you choose to stitch.

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Petalos Mandala FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint instructor Charles Voth

2. Petalos Mandala

Bluprint instructor Charles Voth is offering this mandala crochet pattern for free in tribute to Marinke Slump, a crochet designer who lost her battle with mental illness. His class, See It, Crochet It: Reading Diagramscan help you make sense of the chart included with the pattern.

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The Hypnotic Mandala Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Anne Made

3. The Hypnotic Mandala

Dig into those yarn scraps, because this pattern encourages mixing lots of different colors. The designer also has plenty of ideas for how you can use your finished mandala.

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Mandala Cuff Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Lise Solvang

4. Mandala Cuff

The designer of this mandala took the pattern one step further by turning it into a stylish cuff. A cotton is recommended for this mandala, since you’ll need a sturdier fiber for a wearable item.

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Rosetta FREE Mandala Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Zomaar Een Dag

5. Rosetta

This is a free pattern, so it’s ideal for crocheters tackling the mandala for the first time. This mandala sets itself apart from others with its pretty scalloped border.

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Crochet Mandala Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Emma Du

6. Crochet Mandala

The designer created this pattern with beginners in mind. The instructions span 24 pages and come with photos to guide you through the pattern, so you won’t get lost as you stitch.

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Mandala Rug Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member JessieAtHome

7. Mandala Rug

Not all mandalas have to be multi-colored. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use mandalas in unique ways, try something like this rug. You’ll still see the same beautiful stitches and textures, but you won’t have to deal with the color changes.

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Angel Heart Mandala Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member BeACrafterxD

8. Angel Heart Mandala

This mandala has some cool textures that set it apart from most other mandalas. If you love mandalas but need a change from your usual design, try this pattern.

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Mod Floral Mandala Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Lisa Clarke

9. Mod Floral Mandalas

This pattern comes with instructions for a coaster and two doilies. It’s a perfect gift set for a housewarming present! If you’re new to some of the stitches, don’t worry; the designer explains them in the instructions.

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Hexifan Mandala

Photo via Bluprint member mumblesmummy

10. Hexifan Mandala

This mandala looks just as lovely in a two-hued version as it does in several different colors. Check out the pattern’s page to see a second example of the mandala stitched with six different colors.

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Mandala Stool Cover Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member FeltedButton

11. Mandala & Stool Cover

This isn’t just a mandala that you can hang on the wall and admire. Turn that beauty into a stool cover, trivet, pillow cover — the home decor ideas are endless! Check out the designer’s other photos to see this one topping a stool.

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Fireflower Mandala Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Abigail Bailey

12. Fireflower Mandala

Most of the mandalas we’ve seen so far use solely bright colors, but this mandala incorporates a darker color that really sets off the bolder hues.

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Vintage Crochet Mandalas

Photo via Bluprint member Anabelia Craft Design

13. Vintage Crochet Mandala

This mandala was inspired by vintage style, but you could easily update it by using bold, modern colors. The designer suggests using these as coasters or just pretty decorative doilies.

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Mandala Flower Earrings Crochet Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member LMC Designs

14. Mandala Flower Earring

Mandalas aren’t only for home decor! Small-scale mandalas make beautiful jewelry. You’ll use a tiny hook paired with crochet thread, and you can even make a matching pendant for a complete set.

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Now that you’ve seen all these beautiful ideas for mandalas, what will you do with yours? Do you have any color palettes in mind?

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