Makers Palooza Day 3: Craft Ideas to Try

Makers Palooza is all about celebrating everything it means to be a maker. We’re teaming up with our friends to host our biggest virtual conference ever with live demos, Q&A sessions, exciting projects, and more led by incredible instructors in the crafting world! Click here to download the free conference workbook.

0:01:03 Introduction
0:03:48 Project Show & Tell with Brenda K.B. Anderson and Emily Steffen
1:27:50 Halaine Ruffled Tee with Corrina Ferguson
2:03:10 Granny Square Blanket with Brenda K.B. Anderson
2:31:42 Cookie Dough Recipe with Maddie Gartmann
2:42:39 Intermission
2:44:42 T Shirt Quilt with Colleen Tauke and Laura Peters
3:26:44 Animal Plushie with Emily Steffen
3:55:43 Hand Embroidering Denim with Kat McTee
4:10:32 Floral Illustration with Mia Whittemore
4:30:03 Ice Cream Cupcakes with Elisa Strauss
4:34:30 Beanie with Animal Ears with Nicki LaFoille
4:55:57 3 Wedge Shawl with Jen Lucas
5:17:17 String Block Table Runner with Colleen Tauke and Laura Peters
5:49:53 Outro

Makers Palooza Day 1: Getting Started
Makers Palooza Day 2: Advanced Techniques
Makers Palooza Day 3: Craft Ideas to Try

Projects from the Show & Tell Session
DIY Birthday Crown
Confection Beanie (Granny Square Wearables)
House Door Stop
FREE Mitten Patterns
Wooly Mittens FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Create a Customized Rag Doll
How to Make a Zippered Puppy Dog Face Pouch
All About Pom Poms Free Facebook Tutorial
Giant Pencils Made From Dollar Store Pool Noodles FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Sea Spray Wire Necklace
How to Sew a Reusable Snack Bag
Heart of Gold Earrings FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Pinch Pouch for Glasses
Felted Dryer Balls FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Tufted Christmas Tree Purse FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Riverflow Headband FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Colorful Three-Dimensional Felt Flowers
DIY Dishcloth Trio FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Sew a Picnic Basket
Cable Christmas Stocking FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial
Lazy Day Socks
Toe-Up Crochet Socks

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14 Responses to “Makers Palooza Day 3: Craft Ideas to Try”

  1. Zora Gaymon

    Lookin* forward to learning more.

  2. Geraldine Smith

    Good work

  3. Mrs S Watkins

    Thank you so much for putting this on. So many videos have been really helpful. Quilting is not so big in the UK so there no real community here. That's why things like this are great. Thanks. Svetlana

  4. Fawn Faribault

    i was wondering where the video's of teachers that are available without the gold package. it looks like most all the classes i am interested in such as spinning worsted to woolen with Jacy Boggs?

  5. Caroline

    Is there a reason why you don't add brown to the legs on the gusset?

  6. Teresa

    I’ve popped in and out for the crochet classes during all three days. I enjoyed the whole festival- which is not a surprise as I’ve been a member of Craftsy since way back.


    What is the name of the brother machine they are using?

  8. Karen Burden

    <strong>How do I get the cookie dough recipe</strong>

  9. Diane

    Are these recorded so I can rewatch them later

  10. April

    I just learned that if I want to make something I just make it happen and try things, watch videos &amp; ask friends until I get the hang of it.