Eco Yarn-School

Challenge yourself to learn something new! Learn alongside Jen Lucas and Brenda K.B. Anderson as they teach each other new skills and create some fun eco-friendly household goods. Keep your plastic shopping bags handy, organized and ready for re-use with a bag dispenser or use up leftover bits of 100% wool yarn to make some functional dryer balls. A crochet and knit pattern is provided for both projects. Click here to download the free pattern bundle.
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14 Responses to “Eco Yarn-School”

  1. Janet Louise S S

    A sewing circle with every type of craft using eco yarn is a great idea. Crochet & Knitting & Plastic Canvas, etc are a start to relaxing together. Each member decides the type of craft they want to work in the group. After the sewing circle chatting & work, the project is completed on the members time at their own speed. Winter is the best time to start. ”
    Spring is sprung before you know it.”

  2. Karin Finch

    I already get Craftsy newsletter, how do I get pattern without signing up again?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Karin. There is no obligation to be a paid member to access our free content. We send weekly e-newsletters that feature free video and article content from our experts. Please click the link below to view our free video content:
      If you have any further questions, please chat, email, or contact Customer Service.


  3. Armorel CCARLYON

    Can I use raw fleece from my sheep? (joining in from Truro Cornwall Uk)Lovely to close the day with your programme.

  4. Barbara E. Brown

    I keep forgetting what a cool site Craftsy is and all the fun stuff you offer us! Thanks so much for reminding me!

  5. Tara Wilding

    That would be a great way to use up hand spun wool made when learning to spin!