How to Make Christmas Gift Boxes For the Prettiest Packaging

paper christmas package

Is your gift-wrapping less POP and more predicable? Amp it up with creative gift wrap, like DIY paper boxes. They’re the cutest way to give treats, small gifts like jewelry or handknit socks, candles and more.

Christmas Gift Boxes

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Gift box (we made ours with the We R Memories Gift Box punchboard)
  • Ink pads
  • Pattern stamps
  • Gift bow
  • Glue
  • 1½” circle punch (optional)
  • Good to Know: We prefer to make our own boxes so we can have a flat surface to stamp onto, and we can make boxes in various sizes. Craft stores carry pre-made flat boxes as well, but may not offer many smaller options to chose from. Plus, if you make your own box you have more design options, from using the paper, colors, pattern and size of your choice. You also don’t have to worry about buying a box every time you need to give a gift.


    box template

    1. If making your own box, cut it to the size you want from the guide. Crease your box and notch it. (If you’re using a pre-made gift box, skip this step.)

    2. Using your pattern stamps to decorate your gift box as you please — you could also wet emboss your box or add glitter.

    3. Assemble your box and glue together. Set aside.

    4. Die-cut the bow and stamp the cut pieces. Once stamped, put your bow together.

    5. Punch a 1½” circle with a circle punch or circle die. Add it to the top of the box with a few dabs of glue. Glue the bow onto the circle, and you’re done!

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    13 Responses to “How to Make Christmas Gift Boxes For the Prettiest Packaging”

    1. Linda

      All very good if you have the die cutter. Useless without that, which can be an incredibly expensive piece of equipment. I was hoping from scratch for the complete novice

    2. Lilaha Bolen

      darling gift box idea.

    3. Suzanne

      The title of this page is "How to Make Christmas Gift Boxes For the Prettiest Packaging" so, interested in info on making my own boxes, I took a look. All you had to offer was a way to decorate a premade box. The titles of your courses should not be so misleading. Very disappointed in most of your emails recently. Way too much pushing towards 3rd party products. Even with a discounted membership it's hardly worth looking at the majority of your newsletters.

    4. Amy Snively

      Useless. Does not actually tell you how to make a box. What was the point? I’m so sick of stuff like this from Craftsy. I’m unsubscribing from the emails and not renewing my membership when it expires.

    5. Rosalind

      terrible- just an advert

    6. Vicki Banks

      So, how do you make the box? That’s what you said this would tell us, but it doesn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t bother to look ok at these anymore.

    7. Sandi

      This sounds more like an ad to encourage me to purchase gifts for myself rather than clear directions to complete a cute project! Not impressed at all!

    8. deb

      I thought this would provide a template to use for cutting out the paper/cardboard to craft a gift box. Without purchasing the special tool, this is pretty much worthless. I think most of us can decorate a pre-made box (or a box made using a pre-purchased special tool) without instructions. Even a child can do that!! I expect better from Craftsy. Very disappointed!!

    9. Carol Hustler

      I thought this was supposed to be instructions for making christmas packaging. Not a recommendation to go to the store and buy something

    10. Sharon

      What are they talking about? I didn’t understand a single thing.