How to DIY Bias Tape Without a Bias Tape Maker

Bias tape is a great way to bind, or seal in, raw edges. And while it’s commonly used as quilt binding, you can actually incorporate it into a variety of projects, whether you need to sew a face mask or want to add a fun design element to a garment. Here’s how to create the durable, stretchy tape — even if you don’t have a bias tape maker on hand.

Good to Know: If you do have a bias tape maker, use it with this tutorial — the nifty tool makes the process even easier and faster.

DIY Double Fold Bias Tape

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Fabric
  • Fabric pen
  • Thread
  • Quilting ruler
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Iron
  • Glass head pins (optional)
  • Starch spray or water (optional)
  • Instructions

    1. Cut Your Fabric on the Bias

    Line up your fabric on your cutting mat and fold it diagonally. Using a quilting ruler or other straight edge as your guide, find a 45-degree cut line between the lengthwise grain and the cross-grain on your fabric. Cut along that diagonal line using a rotary cutter or scissors.

    2. Create Your Strips

    Measure strips at a width of 2” and mark all across your fabric. This will give you enough width to create ½” double fold binding. (Narrower strips will make narrower binding.)

    Cut the strips.

    3. Connect the Strips

    Square off the ends of your strips. Align the ends, right sides together, at a 90-degree angle. Pin diagonally so the strips will line up neatly once sewn.

    Pro Tip: If it helps, you can mark a guideline with a pen.

    4. Stitch and Trim

    Stitch along the diagonal (where you placed your pins) using a 2.5 stitch length. (Remove your pins before you sew.)

    Trim the seam allowance to about ¼”. Press the seam allowance flat.

    5. Create the Double Fold

    Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press. (This turns your 2”-wide strip into a 1”-wide strip.)

    Pro Tip: Use spray starch or water to control the fabric and give you crisper folds.

    Being careful not to burn your fingers, fold one side of the strip into the center and press.

    Pro Tip: A glass head pin can help secure the fabric to the ironing board while you’re pressing. Just be careful, as they do get hot. You can also use finger guards to help protect from the heat.

    Repeat on the other side, folding the fabric inward and pressing to make a ½”-wide strip.

    Pro Tip: You could also place a long pin into the ironing board, trapping the fabric strip underneath. It will hold the folded fabric in place while you press.

    You’re done! Now you have ½” double fold bias binding ready to go for your next project.

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