How to Draw a Christmas Tree 4 Ways

christmas tree drawings

‘Tis the season for some holly jolly artwork! As the snow piles up outside, stay in and practice drawing your Christmas wonderland — and no holiday scene is complete without a tree. Soon, you’ll be a pro evergreen artist so you can DIY homemade Christmas cards with ease.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree

This tutorial will cover a few basic methods for drawing a cartoon Christmas tree. Try ’em out, then pick which one you like best! We used pen and ink to draw our trees, but you can use any medium.

1. The Basic Method

Start with a triangle

Draw the body of your tree — a tall, skinny triangle.

Add a base and trunk

Draw two vertical lines at the base of your tree to create the trunk. Then draw the base — we did a kind of planter-style base, but you can shape it however you like, or even draw a snowy ground below.

Drawing Christmas Tree Decorations

Add a star on top, then detail the decorations. We made some simple round ornaments and curvy lines for garland.

Colored in tree

Once you’re done, color it in!

The Textured Tree

Textured tree

Draw the sides and bottom of your triangle with irregular, slightly downward-facing zigzag lines. This will offer the suggestion of the texture of an evergreen. 

The Three-Tiered Tree

Three tiered tree

Instead of drawing a single triangle, draw a stack of three.

The Three-Tiered Textured Tree

Textured tiered tree

Combine the two previous methods to create a three-tiered, shaggy tree. It’s easy!

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