4 Wild Ways to Start a Granny Square

There’s something so satisfying about crocheting granny squares: they’re pretty repetitive, so you can cruise through them without having to concentrate too hard. But they’re also totally versatile, so it’s easy to spice things up when you want to.

For an easy twist, try swapping out the center of your granny for something a little different like a circle, a flower — even a heart!

Flower Power

We’re bringing a dose of flower power to the basic granny square. By changing up the center before breaking into the traditional square motif, you’ll make a granny, that’s fresh, fab, and floral.

See how to stitch it here.

Show Your Love

If you absolutely LOVE granny squares, here’s how to prove it: start every square with a heart. You’ll finish your square with traditional granny rounds, which means you can easily mix and match this square with other motifs.

See how to stitch it here.

Make It a Triple

A few subtle changes in the center of this square can make a dramatic impact: swap out your double crochets for triples, and work clusters of two instead of three.

See how to stitch it here.

Circle, Meet Square

Starting your square with a circle may sound like a recipe for disaster, but trust us: circle-center granny squares deserve some love. Play with color, and the number of circle rounds, for some wild results.

See how to stitch it here.

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