These Geode Cookies Totally Rock!

Geodes are such a great trend — and they’re not going away! Why not try re-creating the eye-catching style in cookie form?

One of the best things about making geode cookies is that they are surprisingly easy. Check out our geode cookie tutorial below to make your next sweet project super stylish.

How to make easy geode cookies

Geode cookie tutorial

Materials needed:

  • Baked sugar cookies (any shape)
  • Cookie cutter (the same one you used to cut the cookies)
  • Fondant (any color you like)
  • Edible gold leaf
  • Edible glue or light corn syrup
  • Food-safe paintbrushes
  • Clear / transparent hard candies
  • Small rolling pin

Baking your cookies

Easy and on-trend cookie idea

The best cookie surface to work on is obviously a flat one. Sometimes bumps can appear in baked cookies, usually caused by an air bubble in the dough. We’ve found that sifting your flour or over-mixing the cookie dough can cause bubbles, so be careful as you make the dough.

To help smooth out any bumps or bubbles once baked, gently press down and flatten them while the cookies are still warm.

Decorating your cookies

Step 1:

Cute geode cookie tutorial

Rolling out some of your fondant and cut out shapes using the same cutter you used to cut out the cookies. Stick the fondant pieces on tops of your cookies with a little bit of light corn syrup, edible glue or even apricot preserve!

Step 2:

Learn how to make geode sugar cookies

Brush edible glue around the edges of your cookies. Using a food-safe paintbrush, gently lift and attach edible gold leaf where you’ve painted on your glue.

Edible gold leaf can be tricky to work with because it’s so light and delicate. Make sure you don’t have any windows open or fans switched on — the smallest gust of wind or breeze can ruin your edible gold leaf!

Step 3:

How to decorate easy geode cookies

Liberally apply edible glue all over the surface of your fondant-covered cookie to make it really shine!

Step 4:

Sugar geode cookie tutorial

Break up the hard rock candies into small pieces. We found the easiest way to do this was putting them in a tough zip-top bag and smashing them up with a rolling pin. Your candy should start to look like random pieces of crystal now.

Step 5:

Cute geode cookie tutorial with steps

Arrange the your pieces of smashed-up hard candy on the surface of your sugar cookie. Attach each piece with edible glue and leave them to set for 15 to 30 minutes.

Crushed or smashed up hard candy can still be sticky (especially in humid environments). Because of this we recommend not stacking up your cookies when packaging them, as the candy pieces can stick to other cookies. Instead, try individually bagging or boxing them up.

Cute and easy geode cookie tutorial

Wow — look how cool these little cookies can be! They’re so stylish that they’re bound to be the star of the party, right?

Have fun and try different colors of fondant together for amazing effects. We love the idea of rainbow geode cookies!

Pink geode cookie tutorial
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