Wrap Yourself in These Infinity Scarf Patterns You Can Knit

Procragratification Infinity Scarf

There are so many reasons to love infinity scarves. They’re relatively simple and quick projects, plus they’re perfect for keeping you warm on chilly days. Choose from one of the infinity scarf patterns below, and cast on!

1. Spruce Cowl

spruce cowl

One pattern, so many ways to wear it. Depending on how you button (or unbutton) the design, you can wear it like a cowl, a traditional scarf or as one long loop. But with knit texture this gorgeous, it’ll look lovely no matter how you wear it.


2. Champagne Cowl

champagne cowl

The easy-to-remember stitch pattern makes this knit infinity scarf the perfect project to work on while watching TV or chatting with friends. There are also different sizes available so you can knit with the yarn you already have in your stash. Awesome!


3. Procragratification Infinity Scarf

Procragratification Infinity Scarf

Just like with the Champagne Cowl, this scarf’s Fisherman’s Rib pattern is oh-so-easy to memorize. The chunky yarn makes it knit up quick, and you’ll look super trendy when you wear it.


4. Whitman Cowl

whitman cowl

Choose between a chart and a written pattern so you can work the way that’s easiest for you. The thick yarn makes this a fast project you can stitch in just a weekend.


5. Urban Lace Infinity Scarf

urban lace scarf

If you have a variegated or hand-dyed yarn you want to show off, this is a great pattern for it. You’ll get some no-stress practice with lace knitting, and you don’t have to worry about shaping as you work.


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2 Responses to “Wrap Yourself in These Infinity Scarf Patterns You Can Knit”

  1. Camila Rodrigues

    where is the scarf from the front page? The one that you click to arrive on this page Orange color

  2. Deborah

    I am still unable to find a way to download these patterns :(