Quilt-As-You-Go “Backpack Buddy”

Join us in celebrating Valentine’s Day with 5 DIY creations from the heart. Five incredible instructors will provide live demonstrations as they quilt, sew, knit, and bake all week long. Learn how to make a Quilt-As-You-Go “Backpack Buddy” with Colleen Tauke, National Quilters Circle instructor. Click here to download the materials list, patterns, instructions, and recipes!

Series Schedule:

Monday, February 1st at 2:00 PM CT – Chocolate Macarons

Tuesday, February 2nd at 2:00 PM CT – DIY Zipper Lip Pouch

Wednesday, February 3rd at 2:00 PM CT – Knitted Heart-Shaped Dishcloth

Thursday, February 4th at 2:00 PM CT – Quilt-As-You-Go “Backpack Buddy”

Friday, February 5th at 2:00 PM CT – Woven Heart Basket

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75 Responses to “Quilt-As-You-Go “Backpack Buddy””

  1. Atreya

    Thank you as a beginner wanting to try machine patchwork , I would be grateful if you help me , i.e. Courses , materials , tips , thank you .

  2. Donna

    Hi, I’m coming to you from Coos Bay, Oregon. It’s raining this morning here on the West Coast.

  3. Cynthia Raymond

    Chopsticks are great for stuffing pushers. I have those in my sewing room all the time.

  4. Barbara Deshane

    Fold an 8.5×11″ paper in half, draw half a heart on folded side. Cut that out and symmetrical heart comes out. Waaalaa

  5. Wendy

    Thanks this was fun and very inspiring – checking in from Vancouver Island BC where it is trying to be sunny.

  6. Lexy

    I really appreciate your sharing of how much experimentation you took, and the results along the way!

  7. Jackie

    Sometimes I use two pins to mark the start and stop points.
    If you are making several heasrts, make a bunch of hook strips all at once in one long strip. then cut it to proper length. Saves time!

    • Jessica Sprague

      Hi Jean, check the bottom left corner of the video player. You might have to click the mute button. Sometimes that button gets clicked!

  8. coneyjones@gmail.com

    Can we save this for later. I am just watching and learning now and would like to come back to it to actually make it.

  9. Karen

    Hello from mid-Michigan. Our snow is going to hit tonight. Perfect timing to stay home and make hearts!

  10. Constance

    Constance from the foothills of Yosemite National Park in California
    About 50 today. No snow this week.

    • Jessica Sprague

      Hi Sarah,
      Make sure to scroll to the very top of this page. There should be a video player. You might have to click the play button to get the video started.

  11. Darla Brown

    I had a reminder that said this started in half an hour, but on the video link at the top of this page the ‘set reminder’ button indicates it doesn’t start for 7 hours. Does anyone have any clarification on this time discrepancy?

    • Jessica Sprague

      Hi Darla,
      Thank you for notifying us! I just fixed the “set reminder” time on YouTube. This event starts at 2:00 PM CT.

      Thank you,

  12. Julie

    There are 5 pages of instructions with pics you can download for free to go along with the video.

    • cev201021123411

      Didn’t know till yesterday that I’ve been a member since April 2020! Bluprint refunded a new membership but hey! I’m gold until April 2021

  13. Karen L Pape

    I have been making quilts that have gone well I am just sure about how you go about and what attachments to use to actually quilt. Have all pinned in place etc.