DIY Zipper Lip Pouch

Join us in celebrating Valentine’s Day with 5 DIY creations from the heart. Five incredible instructors will provide live demonstrations as they quilt, sew, knit, and bake all week long. Learn how to make a DIY Zipper Lip Pouch with Emily Steffen, National Sewing Circle instructor. Click here to download the materials list, patterns, instructions, and recipes!

Series Schedule:

Monday, February 1st at 2:00 PM CT – Chocolate Macarons

Tuesday, February 2nd at 2:00 PM CT – DIY Zipper Lip Pouch

Wednesday, February 3rd at 2:00 PM CT – Knitted Heart-Shaped Dishcloth

Thursday, February 4th at 2:00 PM CT – Quilt-As-You-Go “Backpack Buddy”

Friday, February 5th at 2:00 PM CT – Woven Heart Basket

Download the free patterns

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35 Responses to “DIY Zipper Lip Pouch”

  1. Malinda Krzyzanowski

    I’m shocked you would teach a project and the most basic step is to have proper supplies needed yet you’re using a horribly dull rotary blade. Every time you roll it it looks like you’re trying to cut leather with a butter knife. Please for your own safety change your blade or trace and pin and cut with scissors. You’re scaring me.

  2. Elizabeth Davis Evans

    I would love to show this video to my sewing students and do this for valentines day!! Can I do that? Can I download it? I am a public school teacher.

  3. Helen

    I enjoyed this class so much, not only for the unique project, but because of Emily’s cheerful personality. With all the gloom in the world right now, we can all use more fun and laughter!

  4. Andrea

    Love this!!!

  5. Denise Howard

    What a fun project for a Valentine gift I am going to make for my Grand Daughter to put her Valentine's in.

  6. Joan

    Never mentioned where to get the pattern... ???

  7. Teri V Thomas

    How can I get the pattern

  8. Jenny Hall

    Hoping I haven't missed any/all of the event

  9. Wilma Parsons

    Hello from Virginia

  10. Colleen Eckart

    Hi from jamaica