4 Quilted Bags You Can Totally Make This Weekend

woman with quilted patchwork bag

Breaking news: quilting doesn’t have to take foreverrr. These bags use all the techniques you love about your craft, and you can knock ’em out in a weekend!

1. The Stitched and Zipped Clutch

free-motion quilted pouch

If you need somewhere to store your shears or rotary cutter, craft a bag for that! This one is just as practical as it is fun, and you’ll learn a cool free-motion radar design along the way.


2. A Catch-It-All Caddy

quilted caddy

This bag is big — for good reason. Any quilter knows their crafting room can get a bit out of hand sometimes, and this pocket-filled caddy helps you corral all those odds and ends so you can kiss clutter goodbye.


3. A Pretty Patchwork Bag

These bags are ah-dorable. The patchwork motif allows you to experiment with piecing and free motion, opening up the project to a truly custom design.


4. The Quick-Stitch Tote

quilted tote bag

Choose your fabric and free-motion design, then follow these simple steps to bring it all together in less than an hour. (Seriously!) Bonus: this tote requires minimal piecing, making it perfect for beginners — or anyone who needs a last-minute gift option, stat.


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One Response to “4 Quilted Bags You Can Totally Make This Weekend”

  1. Nancy Stone

    I would like to have the written pattern for the Dainty Little Tote Purse. It is showed in a quilted patch work.