Katrina Walker

SINGER® Presents: Thread Painted Pillow

Katrina Walker
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SINGER® Presents: Thread Painted Pillow
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Feather your nest and explore the features of your SINGER® Quantum Stylist™ 9960 sewing machine as you create a uniquely decorated accent pillow. Explore the range of decorative stitches and built-in alphabets, then add colorful scribbles and texture using specialty feet and free motion techniques. A fancy ruffle and optional button accents (made easy with the SINGER® automatic buttonhole foot) add extra flair.
1 Lessons
1  hrs 12  mins

Katrina Walker

Katrina Walker is an educator and designer specializing in textiles, construction and surface design techniques. She also writes and creates designs for publications such as Threads and Stitch.

Katrina Walker

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10 Responses to “SINGER® Presents: Thread Painted Pillow”

  1. Estela

    The video has muffled audio. Please fix.

  2. NAIMA

    No voice

  3. Amber

    I'm interested in all varieties of classes, I have some sewing experience but need to learn all arts I'm interested in vastly increasing my knowledge of all types of creation, of everything from painting, crocheting, building/making decor of all types, sizes, materials, styles, literally anything and everything!!! I have the GIFT and VISION but lack the knowledge, training, education

  4. Jackie Altenderfer

    Enjoyed watching your class. I'm anxious to try to maybe do one on my machine, I may have to figure out all of the different feet to use, but my machine has tons of decorative stitches. This looks like a definitely good project to try several of the stitches out and yet have something useful afterward. Good detail and explanations. The bonus pdf of instructions is also helpful, with very good pictures showing the different steps. Thanks for the class!

  5. Kathleen Jack

    I'm interested and I want to learn give more information

  6. Laurie Locke

    Can’t hear thread painted pillow. Check your class

  7. Olga

    thought you said we need a serger?

  8. Sandra

    Thank you for this class a really big help.

  9. Manuela

    I'm trying to see the course but I can't heard the sound. Is there any problem?

  10. Elizabeth

    Just starting the course - that's a wonderful sewing foot storage box - where could I get one like it?

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