• 23:24

    Capture Your Space With Pen and Ink

    Meet sketch artist instructor Paul Heaston and get started sketching your point of view. To begin, you’ll learn to look for scenes instead of objects. Then, find out how to simplify the scene when drawing cluttered spaces. Paul shares his method for how he starts and moves through a sketch and what details he’s sure…

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  • 15:02

    Tips for Sketching on Location

    Pack your bag for the great outdoors as you employ Paul’s tips for sketching comfortably and quickly. You’ll learn what tools you’ll need and anticipate the creature comforts that will come in handy for sketching sessions before assessing your locations for light and shade. Next, discover pro tips for accurately capturing both the permanent and…

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  • 9:57

    Composing Drawings While on Location

    Explore ways to use a viewfinder and your imagination to create a unique and compelling composition for each sketch. Sketch artist Paul Heaston shares important considerations for your location and field of view, as well as valuable composition tips that can transform a seemingly simple sketch into a dynamic work of art. Work with horizontal,…

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  • 17:24

    Choosing & Using Sketchbooks

    Discover the joy that sketching can offer and see how a regular a sketchbook practice can improve your skills by leaps and bounds! Your instructor, sketch artist Paul Heaston, provides an overview of his favorite sketchbook and media choices so you can choose the materials that motivate and inspire you. Once you’ve become familiar with…

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