• 8:47

    Pressing Quilt Blocks With Set-In Seams

    Pressing your quilt blocks correctly is the key to a flawless finish. Learn pro quilter Kelly Ashton’s tricks for setting and pressing seams to prevent bulky seam allowances that will be difficult to stitch over. You’ll also learn the circular approach to pressing, as well as Kelly’s favorite approach: covered convergence.

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  • 17:53

    Using Facings Instead of Binding on Your Quilts

    Learning how to add facings to finish the edges of your quilt instead of using binding. This versatile method is perfect for mini quilts used as table runners and placemats, and for art quilts that won’t be handled excessively. Quilting expert Kelly Ashton shows you how to prepare, attach and hand finish the facings, step…

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  • 25:30

    Quilt Backing Basics

    With pro quilter Kelly Ashton as your guide, discover what types of fabric and prints work best for quilt backing and why. You can use the included worksheets to calculate the yardage needed and gain understanding of how your backing configuration can change these calculations. Plus get Kelly’s tips for piecing backing.

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  • 20:41

    Set-In Seams & Fabrics for Quilts

    With the guidance of pro quilter Kelly Ashton, learn how Y-seams (also known as set-in seams) are used to bring blocks together, and find out how to work with bias edges to minimize distortion. Kelly also shares the keys to success when working with directional fabric.

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  • 14:08

    Sewing Partial Quilt Seams

    Quilt designer Kelly Ashton helps you expand your knowledge of piecing advanced shapes! Create a Bright Hopes block as Kelly shares her foolproof technique for sewing partial seams. You’ll also pick up tips for creative borders and frames.

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