• 30:17

    Drawing Difficult Textures

    The visual world is filled with unique and inspiring textures. These textures—often made up of complex and intricate patterns—can be intimidating for the artist to attempt to create in his or her artwork, but taking on this challenge is also incredibly rewarding! In this video, sketch artist Paul Heaston takes you through his pen and…

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  • 14:13

    Best Tools for B&W Drawing

    Beautiful drawings require a strong command of your materials, and this lesson breaks down the essential drawing tools every artist should have. Artist and instructor Patricia Watwood begins with a comprehensive overview of different kinds of graphite and charcoal, followed by a demonstration of how to draw and blend various lines and fill strokes. Patricia…

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  • 17:24

    Choosing & Using Sketchbooks

    Discover the joy that sketching can offer and see how a regular a sketchbook practice can improve your skills by leaps and bounds! Your instructor, sketch artist Paul Heaston, provides an overview of his favorite sketchbook and media choices so you can choose the materials that motivate and inspire you. Once you’ve become familiar with…

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