Jenny McCoy

How to Make Classic Doughnuts

Jenny McCoy
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Duration:   13:16   mins

For a truly decadent doughnut, head into the kitchen with Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy to create a classic yeasted doughnut that will rise to the occasion. Jenny’s step by step one bowl method for creating fortified dough with sugar and extra butter is better than any doughnut you can buy. Jenny shares her secrets to creating a smooth and homogenous dough. Included are tips on heating the milk to ensure proper rise, keeping the dough from drying out while proofing and preventing the dough from sticking to your hands, counter, cutters or baking sheets. Once the soft dough is created, Jenny shows you how to shape classic round doughnuts, doughnut holes, long johns, Bismark and Italian Bomboloni to perfection. Finally, the proofed doughnuts hit the frying oil. Don’t miss Jenny’s tips on creating an evenly golden-brown exterior with a uniform rise and the confidence you need to prevent oil splatter and potential burns. For the next steps, check out Jenny’s lesson on creating four different fillings perfect for doughnuts and pastries.

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