Jenny McCoy

Fillings for Doughnuts & Pastries

Jenny McCoy
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Duration:   22  mins

Add another flavor dimension to your doughnuts with a variety of fillings including a summery strawberry jam, a delicate vanilla bean custard, bright and smooth lemon curd and a silky sweet mascarpone filling. First, Jenny steps you though creating a stovetop strawberry jam made from fresh strawberries. Her recipe is perfectly thickened with natural pectin and balanced with the addition of lemon zest. Jenny shares her method to quickly testing jam in the freezer to determine thickness and tips on correcting it if it is too tick or thin. Next, Jenny creates two stirred stovetop custard, one creamy milk-based custard with whole vanilla beans and a citrus curd that is guaranteed to make you pucker. Included are tips on tempering and protecting the eggs from overcooking and creating a perfectly smooth consistency with a quick cooling time. Finally, Jenny whips up a quick Italian Mascarpone filling with only four ingredients and a stand mixer. Check out the final video in the series for tips and tricks on filling the doughnuts and putting on the finishing touches.

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