3 Cool Ways to Personalize a Plain Tote Bag

stencil tote

Here’s the thing: there shouldn’t be anything plain about your tote bag. No matter if you’ve sewn one yourself or bought one at the store, there are a ton of ways you can make it match your style.

1. Add Some Block Print Power

block printing fabric

Design any fabric print with block printing, from florals to geometric shapes and anything in between. It’s an easy way to customize a bag so it’s 100 percent uniquely you.


2. Make a Monogram

monogrammed bag

Embellish your tote with Y-O-U … or whatever initials you have. You can keep it traditional or go all out with wild and crazy fonts — either way, there’ll be no mistaking which bag belongs to you.

3. Paint With Stencils

stencil tote

Grab some stencils (or make your own) and load up that paint brush. This is a fun, totally easy craft for any maker looking to add some extra pizzazz.


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