135+ Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & More: The Ultimate Quilting Resource!

From step-by-step tutorials to insider tips, popular patterns, trendspotting, online classes and more, discover the resources every quilter needs to succeed. We’ve rounded up all the essentials into one handy collection you can easily bookmark and return to often. Plus, it gets even better — many of them are free!

Get started exploring everything from the basics to machine quilting to hand quilting, appliqué, quick quilting and beyond now, and don’t forget to let fellow quilting friends in on the fun by sharing this post.

135 Quilting Resources

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Better quilting with the basics:

1. Learn the Lingo: Quilting Terminology Primer:

Whether you are attending your first quilt guild meeting or just trying to learn how to approach and understand quilt patterns, this glossary of common quilting terms will help demystify the lingo.
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2. Metric Conversion Guide for Quilting:

Easily and quickly convert fabric measurements, seam allowances and more with this handy metric conversion guide.
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3. Guide to Pre-Cuts:

Learn everything you need to know about pre-cuts, from fabric terminology to standard measurements, for successful quilting with this handy, downloadable sheet.
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4. Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills with Gail Kessler:

Learn quiltmaking basics in this online class, presented by Olfa. From tools and fabric to quilting and binding, find out how to create four beautiful quilts more easily than you’d expected!
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5. Rotary Cutting 101:

Have you spent time making quilt blocks only to find they literally don’t measure up? Learn how to cut fabric for successful piecing.
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6. Quilting Basics: Preparing & Cutting

Quilting is easier and more fun if you know some of the tips and tricks that experienced quilters use everyday. Learn the basics of preparing and cutting today with Jacquie from Tallgrass Prarie Studios over on Sew Mama Sew!
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7. Novices Take Note! How to Choose Fabric for a Quilt:

With the thousands of choices available these days, selecting fabric can be a bit overwhelming. Lucky for you, there are several different ways to tackle fabric choice. Get the expert tips you need for results you’ll love.
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8. Prewashing Fabrics: Pros and Cons:

A big debate in the world of quilting is whether or not fabric should be washed before it’s ever used in a quilt. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of pre-washing, and some helpful tips to follow if you’re on Team Prewash!
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9. 3 Ways to Master the Perfect Quarter-Inch Seam:

One of the most important techniques to master when quilting is the quarter-inch seam. It is also one of the hardest. Here are some tricks and tools that will help you create the perfect quarter-inch seam.
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10. How to Square a Quilt Block in 6 Simple Steps:

Whether you are working on your first or hundredth quilt, it’s important to know how to square a quilt block. Get accurate piecing by squaring your blocks in just six steps.
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11. Learn How to Bind Quilts in 6 Easy Steps:

Do you love quilting but struggle with the binding? This easy six-step tutorial will show you how to bind quilts perfectly every time!
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12. How to Paper Piece: A Tutorial for Beginners:

If you’ve never tried paper piecing, this step-by-step tutorial will help you master the basics. With a little practice, you’ll be able to tackle any foundation paper-pieced pattern!
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13. Start Foundation Paper Piecing with Elizabeth Dackson:

Learn essential paper piecing skills to create intricate blocks with ease in this online class! Elizabeth will demystify stitch length, irregular foundations, directional prints and pictorial blocks, sharing expert tips for impeccable results.
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14. Patchwork Quilting for Beginners: What You Need to Know:

Discover some fun patchwork patterns that are perfect for beginners, plus helpful tips on getting started!
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15. Quilting Fundamentals: Quilt-As-You-Go Basics:

The quilt-as-you-go method is a quilting technique that is exactly what it sounds like — you quilt as you go along. It is a great technique to use on table runners, pot holders and other small projects that you would like to make quickly. Read on to learn how to use the quilt-as-you-go method in your next project!
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16. The History and Statistics of Quilting:

Celebrate quilting with these fun facts about its origins and what the industry has grown to look like today!
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Tools for quilting

1. The Best Quilting Supplies for a Successful Start:

Check out a list of essential quilting supplies that are worth investing in, as well as a list of things that you just don’t need to spend much money on.
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2. Essential Sewing Tools for Quilters:

Although there are many templates, notions and accessories, these basics are the most essential tools to start with!
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3. Quilting Accessories: Favorite Mats, Rulers & Rotary Cutters:

The results are in, and here’s what some of you had to say about what size cutting mat is best, whether ergonomic or traditional rotary cutters rule and more.
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4. Tools, Notions & Other Stuff You Need: Part 1 of 5:

This new series is designed to help beginning quilters get rollin’. Join along as the bloggers at Sew4Home explain the basics of quilting, including the various tools you’ll need.
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5. Cut to It: Strategies for Smarter Quilting with Debbie Caffrey:

Master your rotary cutter and rulers to create the projects you desire — faster than ever. Learn to cut all the units you need swiftly, accurately and safely in this online class.
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Pick better color combinations:

1. 2014 Block of the Month: Bluprint Color Theory with Janine Burke and Amy Walsh:

Choose and combine colors with confidence for harmonious blocks and eye-candy quilts in this free online class sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics.
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2. How to Pick Quilt Color Combinations You’ll Love:

Try these four tried and true methods for putting together color selections, often called “color stories,” to find the quilting color combo that works right for you!
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3. How to Choose a Color Palette for Quilting Projects:

Did you know that the colors you choose for your quilt can make you feel either energetic or relaxed? Let color tone and value play a greater role in the fabric choices you make for your next quilt.
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4. Choosing Fabric with Diary of a Quilter:

Probably one of the most intimidating parts of beginning a quilting project is choosing just the right fabric. Here are a few simple tips from Amy Smart to help in that process.
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5. Use a Quilting Design Board to Create More Successful Quilts:

If you’ve ever put together a quilt with a block upside down and didn’t notice it until you were quilting it, you’ll appreciate how using a design wall or board to audition your layouts can make your quilts more successful. Find out how to make one for yourself!
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Amaze with appliqué

1. Quilt Fusing Tutorial: Basic Raw-Edge Appliqué:

Learn how to sew raw-edge appliqué on your quilts with this beginner-friendly quilt fusing tutorial. We bet you can dream up hundreds of different project ideas using this simple technique!
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2. Fun with Fusible Appliqué with with Debby Luttrell:

Discover the power of fusibles as you turn fun patterns into adorable appliqué in this online class. Learn fundamentals for fusible appliqué, decorative stitching and more!
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3. Turn It Inside Out With Reverse Appliqué:

Unlike traditional appliqué, this method allows the background fabric to peek through to the foreground. Learn more about this technique and check out some inspiring projects, here!
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4. Easy Appliqué Quilts: 6 Patterns to Admire:

If you think appliqué is too time-consuming, perhaps these easy appliqué ideas will help change your mind! If you are looking to make a quick handmade gift, these appliqué projects and patterns are perfect.
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5. A Fun & Easy Wool Appliqué Tutorial:

If you think summer isn’t the season for wool, then you haven’t tried wool appliqué! Wool can be used in place of cotton on any quilt, bag, or handmade item that you want to appliqué. If you haven’t attempted it yet, try this simple wool appliqué tutorial. You’ll be surprised how fun and easy it is!
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Happy hand quilting

1.Hand Quilting Stitches for Beginners:

Basic hand quilting stitches can help you to achieve a variety of wonderful hand-finished quilts. In order to get you on your way to hand quilting bliss, here are several hand quilting projects from the Bluprint community, as well as some resources to help you learn specific hand quilting stitches and techniques.
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2. Big Stitch Quilting Basics:

Have you ever heard the term “big stitch quilting” and wondered exactly what that meant? It’s not just traditional hand quilting, and yet in some ways, that’s exactly what it is. Read on to find out more about big stitch quilting, including a step-by-step tutorial, for a fun twist on traditional hand quilting.
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3. Forget Me Knots: Hand Quilting Knots:

Are you looking for a fun and easy alternative to hand quilting, or are you ready to try a different quilting technique for finishing a quilt. Learn how to quilt by tying knots with these great tips!
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4. Tips for Using Hand Quilting Stencils:

Mix up your quilting routine by incorporating some new hand quilting stencils. These pre-made designs will help you customize your quilts with a touch of heirloom quilting. You can even make your own!
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5. Hand Sewn Binding: Make It a Little Easier:

Discover a few essential tricks that can make hand sewing a binding onto a quilt go a bit easier.
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6. Spoon Quilting:

Speed up your hand quilting with this innovative method and tips from Jinny Beyer.

Marvelous machine quilting

1. How to Machine Quilt:

Do you love piecing quilts and are ready to learn the next step in the quilting process? Read on to find out how to machine quilt using a walking foot and free-motion foot.
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2. Tips and Tricks for Better Straight-Line Quilting:

Are you intimidated by straight-line quilting? Don’t be! These tips and tricks from other seasoned quilters will teach you how to straight-line quilt with greater precision.
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3. How to Properly Use a Quilting Presser Foot:

Looking to start quilting with a presser foot? This simple tutorial teaches you how to use a presser foot for stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. We take you from making a quilt sandwich to the completed product in just six steps!
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4. Start Machine Quilting with Paula Reid:

Make machine quilting fun, relaxing and rewarding in this online class. Learn how to machine quilt all your own projects for pucker-free results with beautiful designs.
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5. Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot with Jacquie Gering:

Finish fabulous, fulfilling quilts at home with your walking foot. Tap into the creative power of your walking foot in this online class as you quilt linear, curved and concentric designs.
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Fun with free-motion quilting:

1. Free-Motion Quilting Supplies:

Quilting experts know that there are a few basic free-motion quilting supplies every quilter needs in their tool kit. From the very basic essentials to those items that are nice to have, here are some suggestions for your free-motion quilting supplies stash.
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2. Yes, You Can Free-Motion Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine:

You can add beautiful texture to your quilts without investing in a specialty machine. If your machine can sew a straight stitch, it can be used for machine quilting. Find out how here.
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3. Start Free-Motion Quilting with Elizabeth Dackson:

Discover free-motion quilting with comprehensive, start-to-finish guidance in this online class. Confidently quilt gorgeous free-motion designs and feel-good texture.
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4. Free-Motion Quilting Basics

Get a simple step-by-step overview of free-motion quilting on a home machine from Christa Watson.

5. 6 Free-Motion Quilting Designs Any Quilter Can Do:

Here’s a look at six approachable free-motion quilting designs that you can incorporate into your projects. These patterns are simple to draw and that means that just about anyone can learn to quilt them.
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6. Free-Motion Quilting on Your Home Machine: 5 Basic Steps to Success:

You don’t need a fancy, expensive machine: The most important tool you need for successful free-motion quilting is a can-do attitude! Plus these five easy steps for getting started!
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7. Get Creative With Background Filler Designs:

Background filler quilting designs play the supporting actor role in making an awesome quilt. Learn how to mix and match filler designs to add texture in the background, so your main design really pops!
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8. Set Yourself Free With 6 Tips for Freehand Machine Quilting:

Exploring freehand machine quilting is a great way to express your creativity and make a project your own. Check out these tips to get more comfortable with freehand stitching on your home sewing machine!
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9. The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting with Christina Cameli:

Add exquisite visual interest to your quilts as you uncover the elements behind your favorite free-motion quilting designs in this fun online class.
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10. 5 Free-Motion Quilting Stitches You Need to Know:

Discover five must-know, common yet beautiful free-motion quilt stitches to get you started on quilting your masterpiece.
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11. Your FMQ Questions Answered:

This post answers some of your frequently asked questions about free-motion quilting on a regular machine. Learn about which thread is best, how to set the proper stitch length, and how to control the bulk of your quilt under the machine!
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12. Even More Tips for Free-Motion Quilting With a Regular Machine:

Join quilting expert Christa Watson as she answers even more of Bluprint member’s common questions on free-motion quilting with a regular machine. Learn more about straight-line quilting, how to tie off your stitches and how to prevent needle breaks!
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13. Free-Motion Quilting Tips: Connect the Dots:

If swirls and flowery designs aren’t right for your next quilting project, why not try a more geometric approach and connect the dots? Get expert tips for taking your free-motion quilting to the next level.
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14. Quilt Stippling and Meandering Stitches:

Do you know the difference between quilt stippling and meandering? Have no fear of this free-motion stitch as you learn to stipple with ease and meander like a pro.
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15. Free Motion Quilting a Sampler with Leah Day:

Free-motion is nothing to fear! Master more than three-dozen magnificent motifs like stippling, spirals, paisleys, echo shell and pine needles in this online class.
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16. Free-Motion Quilting Resource Round Up

From free-motion designs, to tips and quilt alongs, find it all here from blogger Christina at A Few Scraps.
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Love your longarm

1. A New Look at Longarm Quilting with Mandy Leins:

Get in the quilting groove and love your longarm! Ignite your passion for longarm quilting in this free online class as you find your stitching rhythm, and learn longarm techniques for binding, appliqué and so much more.
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2. The Ins and Outs of Longarm Quilting:

Learn everything you need to know about longarm quilting from advantages to hiring a longarmer.
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3. How to Start a Longarm Quilting Business:

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own longarm quilting business? Get all the pro tips you need to turn your hobby into a business.
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4. All About Longarm Quilting Rulers:

What’s the secret to perfect straight lines and curves on your quilt top? Learn all about longarm quilting rulers and how these templates can turn your quilts into works of art.
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5. How to Prepare a Quilt for Longarm Quilting:

Get quick, simple notes everyone should know when preparing a quilt for longarm quilting.
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Creative art quilting

1. Pictures to Pixel Quilts with Caro Sheridan:

Get easy techniques for turning digital photos into memorable quilts in this free online class! Go step-by-step, from choosing the right photo through to final construction, and learn innovative color-block construction to create cutting-edge quilts.
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2. How to Make 3-D Fabric Flowers to Embellish 3-D Quilts:

Check out some wonderful 3-D flower quilt patterns and learn how to create a super simple 3-D flower!
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3. Quilting Optical Illusions: 3-D Quilt Blocks:

Have you ever tried a 3-D quilt block pattern? Learn how a specific shapes and color values can make a dimensional quilt that really pops off the page!
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4. 5 Tips to Tap Into Your Inner Quilting Artist:

Art quilts are becoming more and more popular, and there are lots of ways to make one! Tap into your inner artist with these 5 tips to get started creating an art quilt.
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5. How to Use Oil Paintstiks For a More Vibrant Quilt Top:

Do you love adding texture and color to your quilt top? Then try using oil paint in stick form! These oil paint crayons, called “paintstiks,” produce amazing, artful quilts with so much vibrancy! Follow this oil paintstik tutorial for a fun & simple technique that’s sure to enhance the beauty of your quilt!
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6. Linear Landscape Quilts with Gloria Loughman:

Make the great outdoors your quilting canvas! Conquer the techniques to create breathtaking landscape art quilts from photographs or your imagination in this online class.
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7. Stupendous Stitching Adventures in Surface Design with Carol Ann Waugh:

Set your sewing machine and imagination free in this fun exploration of embroidery designs, decorative sewing machine stitches, couching and binding. Once you enroll this online class is yours to keep forever, so you can watch it anytime you want.
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Fresh ideas for modern quilting

1. QuiltCon Lectures:

Explore the exhilarating aesthetic of modern quilting in this series of free talks from QuiltCon 2013. Discover new creative approaches to modern design, and get fresh perspectives on color, composition, fabric, and more.
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2. 6 Modern Paper Piecing Patterns:

If you need a good laugh, these modern and unusual paper piecing patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face. Accurate and filled with personality, these blocks will help you gain confidence in paper piecing!
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3. 5 Ways to Turn Any Quilt Into a Modern Design:

If you want to try your hand at stitching up a modern quilt, you don’t have to buy all new patterns and fabrics, or even learn entirely new techniques. Read on to learn five simple ways you can transform any quilt into a modern quilt!
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4. 6 Awesome Arrow Quilts:

The arrow motif has been a staple in home decor for ages, and it continues to be a popularly featured items in today’s contemporary quilts. Take a look at these six stunning patterns available right here on Bluprint that will leave you inspired to sew your own arrows.
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5. Create an Easy Chevron Quilt in 6 Simple Steps:

Want to whip up a stylish graphic quilt in a hurry? Make this easy chevron quilt in 6 simple steps!
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6. Make the Crayon Box Quilt:

Create a lush, geometric design with dazzling dimension with this exquisite quilt kit from RJR Fabrics! Your kit includes a pattern, one Pixie Strip pack of the best-selling Palette collection, and coordinating Palette fabric for borders. Complete this 53″ x 64″ quilt top, and add an alluring assortment of gorgeous hues to your home decor!
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Quilting inspiration for your next project:

1. Top 20 FREE Quilting Patterns:

Check out top quilting patterns from the world’s best independent designers and get started on your next project today!
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2. Quilting Project Planner Worksheet:

Get organized with a Bluprint-exclusive printable project planning worksheet for all your quilting endeavours!
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3. Printable Quilting To-Do List:

Effortlessly map out your weekly plan and tackle your project checklist with ease.
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4. Free Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns:

Fat-quarter quilts offer an economic approach to quilting, allowing you to buy a small cut of each featured fabric. These free fat quarter quilt patterns are a great resource for quilters of all skill levels.
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5. 8 Projects to Stitch Up for the Kitchen:

It’s often said that the kitchen is the room most frequently used in the home, so why not fill it with quilted items? Think mini-quilted placemats, runners, trivets, oven mitts, wall hangings, aprons and more!
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6. Get Scrappy: 7 Free Scrap Quilt Patterns:

Whether they are bits and pieces from a previous quilt top, scraps from garment sewing or extra pre-cuts that you didn’t end up needing, those scraps are valuable. Gather them up, and use them to sew one of these 7 incredible quilt patterns.
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7. Quilting Memories: Quilts Made From Plaid Shirts:

Making quilts from old shirts continues to be a wonderful way to not only create a beautiful heirloom but to incorporate memories into a quilt as well. Here are some tips for sewing with old shirts, along with some pattern inspiration, to make your repurposed plaid project a success.
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8. How to Make a Quilt Journal:

A quilt journal can serve a variety of purposes. Learn how to make one, plus get ideas on ways to use a quilt journal!
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9. Make the Rainbow Sherbet Quilt:

Create a quilt bursting with colorful brights and bring joy to your home! The Fossil Fern fabric line by Benartex has to be one of the most amazing lines of fabrics ever printed, and with a new quilt kit (pattern and fabric for you quilt top included!) by Nancy Smith, you now have the perfect excuse to invest in a 90-piece fat quarter box.
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10. Create the Timeless Treasures Checker Board Mosaic Quilt:

It’s all fun and games with this kit! You’ll receive a pattern and Tonga Treats fabric to sew this impressive 40 ½ x 60 ½ quilt top. The intricate checkerboard design comes together easily with strip pre-cuts, and showcases a range of beautiful batiks with captivating contrast.
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11. How to Make a French Braid Quilt: Two Ways!

We’ve found a special ruler to make French braid quilts even easier! Learn how to make a French braid quilt two different ways.
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12. Sew Very Vintage: Machine-Themed Quilt Patterns:

Not only do many quilters own a vintage sewing machine, but they use them and incorporate them into their quilting and sewing patterns. Check out these oldies but goodies taking on a second life!
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13. Quilt Museums Across the US:

Quilt museums help preserve the heritage of quilts and the stories of quilt makers, by offering a place for admirers to see quilts, textiles, garments and tapestries in a gallery setting. Furthermore, many quilt museums in the U.S. take it a step further by offering education and enrichment opportunities which can help carry on the legacy of quilting in America and around the world. Here is a rundown of some of the top quilt museums in the U.S., by region.
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14. Free Pattern Friday:

Begin your next quilting project with the best free patterns and inspiration around.
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15. 33+ Quilt Tutorials from Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting

From the Braided Irish Chain Quilt to the Snuggly Squares Quilt and Double Dresden Delight Quilt, find helpful tutorials here.
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Have fun with block of the months:

1. What’s a Block of the Month?

Why should you make a block of the month quilt? Here are just a few of the many benefits!
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2. 2015 Bluprint Block of the Month with Jinny Beyer:

Build your skills and a breathtaking quilt, one fun block at a time in this free online class! Learn Jinny’s signature hand-piecing techniques (or machine-piece if you prefer), and find out how to finish your quilt in flawless style with sashing, cornerstones and crisp mitered corners.
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3. Make the 2015 Bluprint BOM Quilt:

Get everything you need to create the exact 90″ x 90″ quilt top Jinny Beyer brings to life during class, and achieve the fabulous results you deserve! You’ll receive 17 fabrics from a variety of Jinny Beyer’s best-selling collections, each richly-hued and adorned with lovely, ethereal prints.
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4. 2014 Block of the Month: Bluprint Color Theory with Janine Burke and Amy Walsh:

Choose and combine colors with confidence for harmonious blocks and eye-candy quilts in this free online class sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics.
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5. 2013 Bluprint Block of the Month with Laura Nownes:

Join the free quilting adventure, and make 10 blocks of various sizes, including LeMoyne Star, Tumbling Blocks, Strippy Spools and Offset Log Cabins. Finish with a sampler quilt, a bevy of techniques, and new friends!
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6. Bluprint Block of the Month 2012 with Amy Gibson:

Discover 10 new quilting techniques for appliqué, string quilting, paper piecing and more, for results you’ll love in this free online class.
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7. 6 Block of the Month Clubs You Don’t Want to Miss:

Discover several options for online BOM clubs to join! Each club offers a unique twist on piecing, with an emphasis on technique and creative layout options.
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Fast & friendly quilting:

1. Genius Hacks Every Quilter Should Know:

Discover insider quilting tricks for making every project easy and efficient!
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2. Quilt in a Day: 6 Patterns for Fast and Furious Stitchers:

We’ve searched far and wide for the freshest time-saving quilt patterns, with tops that you can whip up in 24 hours or less!
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3. 5 Fast Quilts to Make in a Weekend:

What’s not to love about fast quilts? Try out one of more of these time-saving quick patterns for a quilt you can start and finish in one weekend!
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4. Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple with Camille Roskelley:

Can you never find enough time for quilting? Have fun using pre-cut fabrics in this online class to make four stylish quilt designs your family will love — fast!
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5. How to Use Glue in Quilting:

As odd as that may sound, glue can truly be a quilter’s best friend! Here we reveal some innovative ways to use glue in your next quilting project.
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6. 5 Tips for Making Quick Quilting Projects:

Implement these five tricks for quick and easy quilting that you can finish in a relatively short period of time!
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7. 5 Quick Quilted Gift Ideas to Make Someone Special Smile:

There’s nothing better than watching someone open a gift you’ve made just for them. Show off your skills and creativity with these quick quilted gift ideas!
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8. How to Make an Easy Quilt (That Only Looks Complicated!):

Learn how to make an easy quilt that goes beyond basic patchwork squares! Find out how to use some techniques like fusible machine appliqué, chain piecing and quilting with pre-cuts, to make a beautiful quilt no matter your experience level.
Read more>>

9. Quilt-As-You-Go Basics:

Learn quilt-as-you-go basics, so you can use this fun technique on your next project! It is a great technique to use on table runners, pot holders and other small projects that you would like to make quickly.
Read more>>

10. Secret to Speed: The Countless Possibilities of One-Block Quilts:

Do you ever wonder how your speedy quilting friends can knock out a quilt top in a day? They might be working from fun and versatile one-block quilt patterns!
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11. Discover A New, Quick Quilting Tip You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet:

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Step up your game when you learn to attach quilt bindings with a serger, for perfectly trimmed edges.
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12. The Secret to a Perfect Quilt Binding? Glue:

Luckily, there’s a long-held secret to creating a perfect quilt binding without having to use pins or clips: glue. Get all the details here.
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13. How to Use Cheater Cloth: 7 Quilting Shortcuts to Try:

Cheater cloths are a fast and friendly quilting shortcut that allows the quilter to skip the process of cutting and piecing a quilt top together. Find out how to make use of them here!
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14. Quilt and Sew Faster! Insider Secrets from Bluprint Pros:

From curved snips to finger pressing, we’ve got the insider secrets from some savvy Bluprint sewing and quilting instructors! Learn how to save time sewing with some great tools and tricks!
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15. How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method:

If you don’t like cutting and stitching loose triangles together on the bias, or need to make lots and lots of half-square triangles for a quilting project, here’s a quick and easy solution.
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16. A Quick n’ Easy Jelly Quilt Tutorial from Amy Gibson:

These are very quick, with minimal cutting, and are a great project for any quilter who just wants to stitch up some fast n’ easy gift or donation quilts.

Make marvelous mini-quilts

1. Save Those Scraps! A Scrap Quilting Handbook:

Get creative ideas for putting your scrap fabric to good use!
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2. Favorite FREE Quilted Mug Rug Patterns:

If you’d like to whip up a gift for a friend or just a little something for yourself, these FREE quilted mug rug patterns from the Bluprint community are a great place to get started.
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3. 10 Fresh Mini-Quilt Ideas to Inspire:

Discover 10 inspiring ideas to get you sketching! These patterns range from beginner-friendly to advanced and use a variety of techniques, from basic patchwork and appliqué and paper piecing.
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4. Part 1: Make Mini-Quilt Blocks Easily With Basic Math:

Making mini versions of our favorite quilt patterns allows us to make beautiful quilts faster, and display them easily. If you have a quilt on your must-make list that isn’t yet offered as a mini pattern, it is simple to miniaturize it on your own, and you don’t need a black belt in algebra to make it happen. Find out how!
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5. Part 2: How to Make a Mini Quilt Block: Jack in the Pulpit:

Find out how to do the math for triangles in your mini quilts, and get the results you want quickly.
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6. How to Bind a Mini-Quilt: Tutorial:

Do you love mini quilts, but aren’t sure how to bind them? Learn how to sew a small-scale binding to match the scale of your miniature quilt!
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7. Mini-Quilt Tips, Projects and Patterns You’ll Love:

Mini-quilts are terrific projects for trying out new techniques, experimenting with color combinations and utilizing fabrics in your scrap bin. Get started with four expert tips and a variety of inspiring patterns.
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8. Making a Rag Quilt: A Quick Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Are you looking for a charming, cozy quilt? You should make a rag quilt! Find out how to make this quilt step by step, which earns its name because rather than sandwiching the seams inside the quilt like usual, they are sewn in a manner that exposes them on the outside of the quilt.
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9. Making a Sawtooth Star Mini-Quilt:

Learn the basics of quilt construction while making a sawtooth star mini quilt, with some quick quilting tips to help the quilting process go even faster!
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10. Make the Timeless Treasures Illusion Squares Table Topper:

Featuring a range of authentic batik prints and saturated hues, this quilt comes together quickly and beautifully with the Illusion Squares Table Topper Kit. You’ll receive a pattern and fabric from the best-selling Tonga Treats line to sew this unique 24 ½” x 24 ½” quilt top.
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11. How to Make a Quilted Pillow Sham From Leftover Blocks:

Have a leftover quilt block? Turn it into a pretty quilted throw pillow, featuring an envelope-style back and deep pockets, in this step-by-step tutorial!
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12. How to Make a Quilted Casserole Carrier:

A quilted casserole carrier offers the perfect way to keep your baking dish the correct temperature, so the food is ready to serve when you arrive. Discover some of our favorite patterns for making a quilted casserole carrier.
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13. 5 Simple Ways to Make a Modern Quilted Table Runner:

Table runners are a great way to try a design or quilting technique that’s new to you, and they make for a great gift. Find out how to make one here!
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14. On-Trend: Quilted Mug Rug Mania:

Mug rugs are trending in the quilting community right now; join in on the fun. These mini-quilts are fun to share and trade with fellow quilters. Learn more about this on-trend quilt design here!
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15. How to Make a Patchwork Pillow: A Fun Tutorial for Using Your Scraps:

A patchwork pillow is the perfect way to use up lots of scraps or leftover quilt blocks. And with this tutorial, you can learn to make your own creative, unique design using your favorite fabric and leftover blocks!
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16. Discover The Secrets Behind Selvage Quilt Patterns:

Sewing with selvages is a fairly recent trend in quilting. It wasn’t until the past decade or so that actually using the selvage for quilt patterns was considered acceptable. But, what’s the deal with using scraps? Why has it become so popular all of the sudden? Let’s explore the story behind using selvage “scraps” to create modern, trendy quilt designs!
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17. 7 Quick Baby Quilt Designs:

So many babies, so little time! When you need to whip up a quick baby shower gift, let one of these simple baby quilt designs come to your rescue.
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Quilting tips & tricks

1. Give Your Quilt That Special Edge With Prairie Point Binding:

Are you looking for a different way to finish your quilt other than simple binding? Prairie point binding is not as tricky as it looks, and it’s especially easy with our 10 step method for attaching prairie points!
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2. How to Sew Improv Curved Quilt Blocks:

Do you love the look of wonky quilt blocks, but don’t know how to get the look? This tutorial will teach you a quick and easy way to sew improvised curved quilt blocks, four at a time!
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3. Get Snuggly Soft Quilts with Fleece Backing:

Have you ever sewn a quilt with a fleece backing instead of regular quilting cotton? It’s easier than you think, and the texture is great for winter warmth! Take a look at these tips and ideas for sewing fleece-backed quilts.
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4. Learn How to Stitch a Beginner-Friendly Ohio Star Block:

Do you like to sew a variety of traditional quilt blocks for a sampler quilt or quilting bee? Stitch up an Ohio Star block with this beginner-friendly tutorial
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5. Creative Quilt Backs with Elizabeth Hartman:

In this online Bluprint class find out how to make the backs of your quilts as pretty and interesting as the fronts, with simple techniques and fresh ideas!
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6. 5 Common Quilting Mistakes (and How to Fix Them):

Get the expert tips you need to avoid common quilting mistakes, from running out of fabric to free-motion follies.
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7. 3 Tips for Repairing A Quilt:

Do you have a quilt that is stained, ripped or worn out? Learn three ways to repair a quilt and make it live longer.
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Finish like a pro

1. Finishing School: Edges & Bindings with Mimi Dietrich:

Finish your quilts in satisfying style with beautiful edgings: simple, piped, scalloped, prairie point, ruffled and more! Learn how in this online class you can watch anytime, anywhere, forever.
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2. Finishing School: Better Borders with Winnie Fleming:

Finish UFOs and future projects with borders that bring out the best in your piecing. Learn essential techniques to succeed with basic, mitered and pieced borders in this online class!
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3. Handmade With Love Tags:

Gifting a quilt? Adorn one of these adorable printable gift tags to let your recipient know just how special your gift is.
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4. Handmade Quilt Care Tag:

Easily provide the proper instructions for care of your handmade gifts with these printable tags!
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5. Marked for All Time: Using Embroidered Quilt Labels:

Quilt labels are not used just for bragging rights, they are an important way of preserving history. Here’s what you should include on yours.
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6. How to Clean Quilts:

It is inevitable. Quilts need to be washed. Whether a new creation, a vintage find, or an heirloom on display, quilts become unclean in one way or another. Get the tricks you need to keep your beauties perfect!
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7. How to Store Quilts:

Are you ready to tuck away some of your beloved quilts for the warmer months? This requires some thought and care. Here are some tips on how to store quilts to ensure that your handmade treasures are safe.
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