8 Crochet Flower Patterns That Are More Beautiful Than the Real Deal

amigurumi sunflowers

Real talk: you can never have too many flowers, and that goes double for crochet flowers. Pick your favorite bloom from below and grab your hook!

1. Simple Flower

crochet flower

This crochet flower starts you with the basics: crochet a flat circle, add some chain petals and you’re done! If you know how to double crochet, this pattern is a breeze.


2. Realistic Tulip

crochet tulip

This 3D crochet tulip is just as beautiful as the real deal. The secret to its solid shape: florist’s wire.


3. Floral Granny Square

granny square flower center

A granny square is a classic crochet motif, but you can also customize ’em to make them all your own. One brilliant idea: stitch a flower in the center!


4. Carnation Headband

crochet carnation headband

This pattern is made of four flower motifs, which, when layered together, form a gorgeous carnation. Choose from any size and crochet a flower headband for everyone in the fam.


5. 3D Daffodil Square

daffodil granny square

Another unique take on the granny square, this pattern takes it one step further and makes it 3D. Stitch one for the centerpiece to your next project, or sew a bunch together to make a table runner or wall hanging.


6. Amigurumi Sunflower

amigurumi sunflowers

How cute are these?! You won’t be able to resist smiling when you make these cheery potted pals. And because sunflowers are known to stretch toward the sky, amigurumi is the perfect way to stitch ’em.


7. Marigold Garland

marigold garland

Celebrate the season with a colorful crochet garland. This chain of marigolds is just what you need to hang in your home this spring.


8. Daisy Flowers

crochet daisy

Daisies begin to pop up all over the place in the spring. So why not let them pop up in your crochet creations as well? Stitch one (or five) up and add them to your next project.


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4 Responses to “8 Crochet Flower Patterns That Are More Beautiful Than the Real Deal”

  1. Regina Beveridge

    Granny square

  2. Judy

    Please kindly assist with the Sonny the Sunflower pattern

  3. nancy.robertson@gmail.com

    none of the links take me to a pattern.

  4. Karen Funk

    l couldn't find the 8 daisy crochet and knitting patterns listed above. Frustrating. Is the link broken?