Crochet A Sunny Bouquet: How to Crochet a Flower

If you learn how to crochet a flower, then you can make a wide variety of projects. Connect a set of crochet flowers to make bunting for home decor, sew a crochet flower on to clothing as an appliqué or simply tie a crochet flower on to a gift the wrapping more personal.

This tutorial will teach you how to crochet a simple, double-crochet flower, plus tips on how to create your own flower pattern!

how to crochet a flower

Photos via Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

Step 1: Crochet a circle.

crochet circle

A crochet flower pattern typically begins with a circle. You have three common options for how to begin your circle:

  1. Crochet a magic ring.
  2. Crochet a chain and slip stitch into the first chain stitch to close the circle (as shown in the image above).
  3. Crochet a chain and then begin immediately on round one of the flower by crocheting stitches into the first chain. This is the one that we’ll do in this tutorial so let’s take a closer look at that in Step Two.

Step 2: Crochet round one.

dc crochet flower

Crochet a chain that is long enough to be the first stitch in a round. In my example, we’re going to crochet a round of dc stitches so we need to crochet a chain that is 3 + 1. Crochet all of the other double crochets for the entire round into the first chain. In the image above, you can see that there are three dc stitches in that first chain; in the image below, you’ll see the whole round.

dc circle

How many stitches should you make into this spot? It varies depending on the density or openness of the crochet flower that you would like to create. It is common for the first round to have between 6 and 12 stitches. In my example, we are going to crochet ten dc stitches so we’ll crochet nine extra (the first chain counts as the first dc) into that first chain space. Slip stitch into the top of the first chain to close the round.

Step 4: Increase on round two.

dc circle

The most common way to increase on round two is to crochet two stitches into each stitch from round one. In my example, we’ve crocheted ten dc stitches. We’re going to do another round of dc stitches so we’ll chain 3 (which counts as the first dc) then crochet two dc into each dc from the row below for a total of 20 dc stitches. Slip stitch into the top of the first chain to close the round.

Step 4: Increase again, round three.

dc circle

If you were to keep going round after round with two stitches into each stitch below then you would actually create a hyperbolic crochet piece. That can be fun for flowers but that’s not what we’re doing here so we need to modify our increase. The most common way to do this is to do a 1, 2 repeat around (crocheting one stitch then two stitches in the next stitch).

dc circle

So in this case we’re going to do another round of dc stitches. We will chain 3 (which counts as the first dc), then crochet 2 dc into the next stitch. We’ll repeat 1 dc, 2 dc around the flower for a total of 30 dc stitches in round three. Slip stitch into the top of the first chain to close the round.

Expert tip: You can continue to make your circle bigger by increasing the number of single stitches per round. So in round four you would do 1, 1, 2 around and in round 5 you would do 1, 1, 1, 2 around, and so on.

Step 5: Chain the petals.

crochet flower petals

We’re going to stop with three rounds and move on to create the petals, which you can do with simple chain stitches. This step is what makes a flower instead of just a circle. Have fun with it, playing around with different sizes of petals to see what you like best. In this example, we will chain five, skip one space and sc into the next stitch. Then we will single crochet into the following stitch, chain 5, skip one stitch and sc into the next stitch.

crochet flower chain petals

We’ll do this all the way around; notice that there will always be two single crochet stitches next to each other with a five chain space between pairs. Slip stitch into the first stitch to close the round.

Step 6: Create a stem.

crochet flower stem

You can finish off your flower at this point but sometimes it’s nice to create a stem for your project. You could do that just with the yarn itself. However, I like a chunkier stem. I created the stem for this flower by doing a ch 2o then working back up the chain with sc stitches into each stitch. Slip stitch to the last stitch of the final flower round to close, finish off and weave in your ends.

Review of this crochet flower pattern

Just to recap, if you want to make the same crochet flower that you see here, this is the flower pattern to follow:

  • Chain 4.
  • Dc into first chain nine times. (First chain counts as first double crochet so you have ten dc.) Slip stitch to close round one.
  • Chain three (counts as first double crochet). Dc twice into each stitch around (for a total of 20 dc). Ss to close round two.
  • Chain three (counts as first double crochet). Dc twice into next stitch. Dc once into next stitch, twice into following stitch all the way around for a total of 30 dc stitches. Ss to close round three.
  • [Chain 5, sc, sc, chain 5] all the way around to create the petals. Close with ss.
  • Chain 20 and then single crochet in each step back up the 20 stitches to create the stem. Sl st and finish off.

You can use any type of yarn and size of crochet hook that you want. In this example, I used an F hook with Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton yarn. In the example below, you will see the same flower made using a size K hook and textured multicolor Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

Suggestions for variations

crochet flowers

The fun thing about learning how to crochet a flower in this way is that you can make so many different choices to create your own flowers. We’ve already looked at some ways that you can vary this pattern, such as working with a different number of starting stitches in round one and varying the length of the petal chains in step five. Here are some additional suggestions for variations:

  • Change the yarn and hooks that you use to create flowers of different sizes, colors and textures.
  • Use different stitches. You don’t have to use dc stitches. You could use the same idea with hdc or tr. You could also vary the stitch heights from round to round.
  • Crochet fewer or more rounds. This will make a different sized flower and gives you more room to play around with stitch variations as well.

Be creative with it! Many people worry that they can’t be a crochet designer and must follow a pattern but the truth is that you can alter patterns easily and see what happens. You might like what you discover!

Learn how to crochet more flowers

Hopefully this tutorial has given you a lot of inspiration to make your own crochet flowers. However, there are lots of additional types of crochet flowers out there that you can learn to make. If you’re ready to expand your skills, here are some great resources:

  • “Make an Everlasting Rose: A Crochet Tutorial” by Lisa Gutierrez
  • Learn to crochet sculptural flowers in Crafty Crochet Embellishments, a Craftsy class taught by Linda Permann
  • Check out these crochet flower patterns from indie pattern designers in the Craftsy community.
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