6 Travel Sketchers That'll Satisfy Your Wanderlust

ink and watercolor travel sketch of bridge

Follow a few amazing travel sketchers on Instagram and live vicariously through their on-the-scene, far-flung artwork. Here are some of our favorites!

1. The Marker Magician: Le Molganzoid

travel sketching building

Photo by @molganzoid

Using vibrant artist pens, Le Molganzoid creates a smooth, painterly feel in her feed. The drawings are loaded with color — without the help of acrylics or watercolors.

2. The Note-Taker: Alena Kudriashova

travel sketch train cabin

Photo by @mysquiggles

Alena Kudriashova mixes drawings with with collage materials in her work (think: coffee cup sleeves and ticket stubs). This mixed-media approach makes her work a bit like a travel journal, and makes her sketchbook spreads almost 3D.

3. The Architect: Juan Carlos Figuera

travel sketch house

Photo by @jc_figuera

Juan Carlos Figuera uses watercolor to render perfectly sketched buildings that capture a place as well as (or even better than) a camera could.

4. The Pattern Maker: Sara Boccaccini Meadows

sketch of forrest town

Photo by @boccaccinimeadows

Travel sketches don’t have to be realistic, as Sara Boccaccini Meadows shows in her fanciful illustrations. Her sketches start with inspiration from her surroundings, but her imagination takes it from there.

5. The Accenter: Ian Fennelly

ink and watercolor travel sketch of bridge

Photo by @ianfennelly

These travel sketches by Ian Fennelly start with a realistic pen and ink drawing, but a splash of unexpected accent color give them an added dimension. Vibrant hues like purples, pinks, and blues give the art a surreal effect.

6. The Spontaneous Sketcher: Jowita

travel sketch yard

Photo by @jowita.art

The urban sketcher Jowita takes a spontaneous approach to her drawing. Imperfections like splatter marks cover her work, giving her lifelike drawings a sense of movement and a dash of chaos, in an approachable, visually-exciting way.

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