In A World Full Of Clouds, Be One Of These 6 Rainbow Cakes

rainbow drip cake

Here’s the truth: The rainbow trend is 100 percent here to stay. And we’re not mad about it, especially if it means we’ll have a chance to make every last one of these beauties.

1. Add 3D Flair

stand up rainbow cake

Stop right there: No need to run to the store for a specialty cake pan. You can make this stand-up baby with just your regular ol’ round one.


2. Piece One Together

tiered rainbow cake

Joshua John Russell never disappoints, and his version of the rainbow cake is seriously extra. It’s even festive on the inside: He folded rainbow sprinkles right into his vanilla cake recipe before baking it.


3. Sweets On Sweets

rainbow candy cake

If you want a fool-proof method that looks totally pro-fesh, just hit the candy aisle! This cake uses M&Ms pushed directly into buttercream.


4. Ruffle Some Icing

ruffled rainbow cake

This cake, in all its colorful glory, is decorated with only the petal tip! (Just be sure to practice the technique on waxed paper before taking it to the cake.)


5. Just Act Natural

rainbow drip cake

Would you believe all this gorgeousness comes from natural coloring agents? It’s true! Chemical-free colors work great on uncooked items like frosting. (Skip ’em for the cake batter, though, since they’re not so stable under heat.)


6. Get A Big Surprise

rainbow heart cake

It’s what’s INSIDE that counts here (and always, really). Slice this treat open to reveal the most colorful heart, which you can make thanks to some creative layering.


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