Makers Palooza Day 2: Advanced Techniques

Makers Palooza is all about celebrating everything it means to be a maker. We’re teaming up with our friends to host our biggest virtual conference ever with live demos, Q&A sessions, exciting projects, and more led by incredible instructors in the crafting world! Click here to download the free conference workbook.

0:01:03 Introduction
0:04:11 Advanced Crochet Techniques with Brenda K.B. Anderson
1:40:56 Solomon’s Knot Produce Bag with Brenda K.B. Anderson
2:39:15 How to Sew Curves with Toby Lischko
3:09:44 How to Sew Necklines with ZJ Humbach
3:43:48 Intermission
3:45:09 Moving Stitch Markers with Jen Lucas
3:58:18 Drawing Difficult Textures with Paul Heaston
4:28:53 How to Make Isomalt with Sidney Galpern
4:47:02 Geode Cake with Rachael Teufel
5:18:44 Catherine’s Wheel with Jen Lucas
5:44:22 Resize Quilt Blocks with Heather Thomas
5:56:04 Painting Skin Tones with Brian Neher
6:08:36 Feather and Fan Stitches with Jen Lucas
6:25:52 Outro

Makers Palooza Day 1: Getting Started
Makers Palooza Day 2: Advanced Techniques
Makers Palooza Day 3: Craft Ideas to Try

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20 Responses to “Makers Palooza Day 2: Advanced Techniques”

  1. Karen

    I saw how to get to the beginning of each day, but I couldn't find out how to get to just the classes I wanted to watch. How do I do that?

  2. Dixie Faries

    Where would I find this "pattern pack" I heard about during the Advanced Crochet Techniques lecture this morning?

  3. Haleema

    Wow, learned a lot!

  4. Susan I

    Looking forward to session.

  5. Renate Plank

    I'd like to see crochet or knitting techniques or patterns

  6. Teresa

    Thank you so much for the estimated schedule- such a big help!

  7. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the estimated start times by section. Very helpful in planning.

  8. Carole

    pg 30 to 38 on the workbooks has the pattern for wheel of mystery quilt and drawings. i have downloaded the workbook 4 times and they all are incorrect. There is no pattern for the advanced techniques and everything is off. How do I get a current up to date workbook?

  9. Barbara Shubiak

    Thanks, crafty for this special day.


    Hi, I am watching from Prescott Valley AZ