7 Super Simple Patterns for the Cutest Amigurumi Friends

When it comes to amigurumi, the cuter the better — especially when you can stitch up those cute friends using just basic stitches. Check out our favorite easy amigurumi patterns that pack an adorable punch.

1. Mr. Rolly

Part of keeping things simple is limiting the number of pieces you need to crochet. If you’re just starting out, stitching up a friend with no apendages (like Mr. Rolly, here), will help you focus on learning the basics.

Learn how to make it in our class Kawaii Amigurumi Crochet.

2. Hello, Bluebird

This straight-forward bluebird is made up of a basic egg shape for the head and body. Add on wings and beak, and this bluebird will be on your shoulder before you can say “zip-a-dee-do-da.”

Learn how to make it in our class Amigurumi: Woodland Creatures.

3. Barrel Cactus

We’re big fans of plants we can’t kill. And when they’re easy to stitch, all the better. The cactus itself is worked flat, with a simple, one-row repeat. Add in a flower for a little flair.

Learn how to make it in our class Crochet Cactus Garden.

4. Mr. Toothy

You can stitch up your own army of adorable monsters, starting with this lovable beast. His head and body are all one piece, and you’ll even join his legs seamlessly, for a sturdier stance.

Learn how to make it in our class Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster.

5. Rainbow Cake

Every day is the right day for rainbow cake! Colorful stripes and dollops of faux icing make this the easiest layer cake you’ve ever made. Put down your fork, pick up your hook and dig in!

Learn how to make it here.

6. Snake Plant

This friendly little fella is sure to add a needed pop of green to any room. Stitch your own pot, then sew on the leaves. Easy!

Learn how to make it here.

7. Fine, Feathered Friend

This little duckling uses simple stitches and a bit of seaming to make the magic happen. You’ll have a few more pieces to make than with simpler projects, and a little more joining to do, but trust us — she’s worth it.

Learn how to make it here.

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