Sweet Safekeeping: Tips for Storing Fondant and Gum Paste Flowers

Making edible sugar flowers is incredibly time-consuming, even if you’re the savviest cake pro on the planet. That’s why it’s so important to know how to store fondant and gum-paste flowers so you can prepare them way ahead of time but keep them looking gorgeous.

If you need another reason to make your sugar flowers early: The more time they have to dry, the less likely they are to sag once you place them on the cake.

Sugar flowers will keep for a verrry long time if you store them properly, so don’t be afraid to make yours weeks in advance. The basic rule: Keep ’em cool and dry. Too much moisture is the main reason flowers wilt.

How to Store Sugar Flowers

Dry Them Well

For best results, let the flowers dry overnight before storing them. Some decorators even dry them upside down to keep gravity from wilting their blossoms.

Keep the Air Away

Once the flowers are totally dry, place them in an airtight container, like a plastic one with a lid.

Add Padding

Put foam or tissue paper into the container, especially if your flowers are delicate.

Fight Humidity

Real flowers wilt in hot, humid weather, and so can sugar blossoms. Put a slice of white bread in the container with the flowers so the bread absorbs any excess moisture. (Cool trick, right?)

Find a Cool, Dry Place

Control the temperature and humidity to keep colors from fading.

Try Not to Chill

You’d think the fridge or freezer would be the perfect spot to store fondant or gum-paste flowers. Not so!

  • When you thaw them, condensation forms on the blossoms and makes them wilt.
  • The flowers can absorb the flavors from the other foods. And we don’t know anyone who likes sugar flowers that taste like leftovers.
  • Kept in the fridge too long, sugar flowers slowly turn to syrup.

If you do store your flowers in the freezer, be sure to wrap the container well. Gradually thaw the flowers by transferring them from freezer to refrigerator, then to a cool room.

When it’s time to decorate the cake, just take the flowers out and get ready for the compliments!

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