Sewing an Adorable Children’s Apron for Your Little Kitchen Helper

What could be sweeter than baking holiday treats with a little kitchen helper? Baking holiday treats with your little helper in matching aprons, of course!

Motivate the young chefs in your life with this quick-to-make reversible apron.



  • ½ yard of two different fabrics
  • A 15-inch piece of ¾” elastic, plus a 2-inch long piece of hook and loop sew-on fastener

This apron fits a child age 3-6 and you can add length or width as needed to your pattern for larger sizes.

Step 1: Make the paper pattern.

apron pattern

Tape two pieces of printer paper together so the long side is 18 inches, or tape and cut to that length. Mark the width at 7 ¼ inch across what will be the bottom edge. At the other edge which will be the top measure at 4 inches from the fold edge. To create the curve, mark 8 inches down from the narrow edge and connect creating a curve. If you don’t have a curved ruler you can use a plate or saucer to trace a curve.

Step 2: Cut out apron pieces.


Cut the apron body on the fold on two different fabrics. Any cotton works well for this project. I like to cut the first fabric, then open up the folded piece and lay it, right side to right side on the 2nd fabric and use the first one as the pattern to cut the second. This saves time later and keeps the fabrics correctly facing each other.

It helps to put a couple of pins at the side seams so that your pieces stay matched together, although using cotton makes this really easy as the pieces stick together slightly. While keeping the pieces right sides together, fold and press ½ inch at the bottom edge. Flip over and do the same with the second fabric.

Step 3: Make the neck and waist straps.


Cut one piece 18 inches by 3 inches which will be the waist strap. Cut another piece 24 inches by 3 inches for the neck strap. Cut a 15-inch length of ¾ inch wide elastic. To make the waist strap, fold the long edges together and sew together using a ½ inch seam allowance. Turn and press, then fold in about a quarter inch in on one end to make a clean edge and topstitch closed.

For the neck strap, sew the long edges together using a ½ inch seam allowance, turn and press, then thread the elastic through the tube, securing it at both ends by stitch across the end at ¼ inch.

Step 4: Attach the straps to the apron.

sewing on apron straps

Attach the straps to the apron body. Lay the apron pieces you have pinned together and fold back the top slightly as pictured. Pin the neck strap with the elastic on the top edge, at ½ inch from the curved edge. Stitch across the top edge on one side to secure the neck strap. Pin the waist strap on one side as shown and stitch to secure.

Step 5: Sew the apron pieces together.


Pin the two apron pieces together, being sure that the strap pieces are tucked inside so you don’t stitch them into the seam. Sew all around the edge using a ½ inch seam allowance leaving the bottom folded edge open.

Step 6: Trim and clip.


Trim the corners to reduce bulk when it is turned inside out, and clip the curves.

Step 7: Turn and press.


Turn the apron right side out and press all the seam edges to create a crisp edge. Topstitch all around close to the edge including the bottom to finish off the apron and enclose the bottom edge.

Step 8: Add the hook and loop closure.


Almost done!

Sew the hook and loop pieces to the apron. I like to sew the fuzzy side to the apron body and the hook side to the strap. This way your little chef can put on the apron all by themselves.

little chef

For an adult size apron, you can follow the same process to make a double-sided apron and add longer ties instead of the waist strap.

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