How to Make Color-Edged Stationery

color-edge stationary

Beautiful, bright-edged paper has been popping up everywhere from stationery shops to designer wedding invitations. But it’s also beyond simple to make at home (and is a surefire way to get all those abandoned plain cards out of the drawer and into the mail). Bonus: this project’s so easy you can do it with the kids, and goes great with DIY fabric envelopes!

Color-Edged Stationary

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Stationery (cards, invitations and envelopes work for this project)
  • A set of markers in bright colorful hues (we used a set of calligraphy pens — but any highly-saturated markers will work)
  • Ruler
  • Rubber band
  • Pencil
  • Instructions

    1. Stack

    Stack your stationary and secure it with a rubber band. You’ll use the top piece of the stationary as a guide, so use the ruler to mark off where you want each color to begin and end. (Do this in pencil if you don’t want to trash this piece at the end.)

    We did a progression from small lines to large ones across our paper, which gives the border a little drama. But space them however you like!

    2. Color

    coloring stationary

    Now start coloring! Try to make deep saturated marks on the paper, and make sure the stack stays closely together to minimize bleeding. You can stick to one edge of the paper, or work your way around all four sides. Anyway you line it, the bright and festive colors will jump right off the page!

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