Create a Winter Wonderland With These 4 Simple Ways to Draw Snow

snowy house scene

No matter how you feel about winter, you can’t deny there’s a certain beauty of a snowy landscape. Snow formations on even the most demure object can turn it into a work of art, if just for a short while — but with a blank sheet of paper and your go-to drawing utensil, you can capture it forever. Here’s how you can draw your own winter wonderland.

Drawing Snow Around Buildings and Objects

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Instructions

    1. Draw Your Structures

    Preparing to draw snow on a house

    The secret to drawing snow is all in the shading. Begin by drawing a very simple landscape — we drew a basic house with the outlines of trees surrounding it. Don’t worry about drawing the bottoms of your objects, as these will be obscured by snow in the next step.

    2. Add the Snow

    drawing snow

    Using the straight lines of the roof as a guide, redraw it with curved lines. This will create the look of snow on the house. As you work, lightly erase the original roof lines. Draw mounds of snow on the chimney. Then move down to the windows and draw small mounds on the tops.

    For the trees, use your pencil to detail foliage peeking through in just a few spots. This immediately creates a snow-covered look.

    3. Make More Details

    snowy house scene

    You can leave your snowy scene simple, or add a few more details. A few easy ways to add detail:

  • Deepen the shading on the tree foliage in just a few places right where the greenery shows from under the snow.
  • Shade under all the places where the snow overhands on the roof, window and doorways. This will strengthen the snow effect.
  • If you add falling snowflakes, don’t make them all the same size. You want some flakes to be bigger in the foreground to create depth.
  • Bonus: How to Draw Footprints in the Snow

    how to draw snow details

    Draw prints that are similar in size and shape to the human or animal’s feet. Add some shading and depth on about half of the print — this adds realism, since a foot would push deeper into only some of the snow while stepping.

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