Celebrate the Festival of Lights With Fun Hanukkah Cake Pops

Start a new tradition of making Hanukkah cake pops each year!

In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to make candle cake pop pieces, which, when put together, create an edible candle-lit menorah display!

Hanukkah cake pops

Create nine Hanukkah cake pops for a fun edible menorah display!

Hanukkah cake pops tutorial

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  • Cake pop dough ready for shaping
  • Yellow candy wafers
  • Navy blue candy wafers
  • Paramount crystals
  • 2.5-inch square cookie cutter
  • 6-inch lollipop sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Wax paper
  • Cake pop stand

Shaping the dough

These cake pops are very unique. We will use nine sticks, each stick will have double-sided cake pop ends. First we will create the flames, next create the base pieces (menorah pieces) and then we will construct the cake pops.

Please refer to our tutorial to learn about making and shaping cake pop dough.

Shaping flames for menorah cake pops

Step 1: Making the flames

Use a cookie scoop to portion each piece uniformly. First roll into a ball then into a droplet shape.

Make nine of them. Refrigerate.

Menorah bases

Step 2: Making the menorah bases

I used a 2.5” square cookie cutter to help create the base pieces.

Creating the menorah bases

Place cake pop dough into the cookie cutter and use a rolling pin to flatten and remove extra dough from the top.

Cutting the bases for Hanukkah cake pops

Gently push dough out of the cutter and using a sharp knife, cut into quarters. Make nine of them and refrigerate.


This is the fun part! We’ll be dipping the cake pop pieces in a specific order after preparing some materials. If you’re not familiar with handling candy coating, please read through our melting and dipping cake pops tutorial.

Trimmed lollipop sticks for Hanukkah cake pops

Step 1: Trimming sticks

You’ll need nine 6-inch lollipop sticks. You will need to trim eight sticks by 1-inch; do this safely using a large serrated knife. Total, you will then have one 6-inch stick and eight 5-inch sticks.

Step 2: Melting the candy

In separate microwave-safe bowls, melt the yellow and navy blue candy wafers. Use paramount crystals to thin out the coating until it’s fluid and smooth.

Making Hanukkah cake pops

Step 3: Adding sticks

Remove all cake pop pieces from the refrigerator. You’ll only work with the flame pieces at this step. Dip a lollipop stick, about ⅓” into the melted coating, then carefully push it in until it’s about halfway into the bottom of each flame.

Dipping the flames

Step 4: Dipping the flame

Make sure your cake pop stand (or a styrofoam block) and toothpicks are nearby. Dip the flames in yellow candy coating and gently shake off excess coating. Use a toothpick to pierce any air bubbles. Place on the stand and let dry completely.

Step 5: Dipping the base

This part may look tricky but it’s pretty simple. When the flames are dried and set, we will attach the bases one at a time to the bottom end of each flame stick.

Adding bases to menorah cake pops

Line your work surface with wax paper. Dip ⅓” of the bottom end of a stick into the blue candy coating and insert it into a base. Hold it there for a few seconds. Make sure the stick is completely straight, upright and not leaning. Lay them down to let the candy coating on the stick harden completely.

Dipped cake pop bases

Once the candy coating on the stick has dried and set, you’re ready to dip. Dip the base in the navy blue coating. Gently shake off excess. Hold in the air for about 30 seconds before placing it on the wax paper to let dry completely. This will allow the bottom to harden just a bit before setting it down so the candy coating does not pool excessively.

Hanukkah cake pops

Step 6: Displaying your menorah

Once all pieces have dried and set, arrange your menorah on a long platter! Enjoy! 

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