Celebrate the Festival of Lights With Fun Hanukkah Cake Pops

Hanukkah cake pops

Make your Hanukkah even sweeter with a menorah made from cake pops! This project is easy for any beginner, and your family will love it.

Hanukkah Cake Pops

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Cake pop dough ready for shaping
  • Yellow candy wafers
  • Navy blue candy wafers
  • Paramount crystals
  • 2½” square cookie cutter
  • 6″ lollipop sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Wax paper
  • Cake pop stand
  • Cookie scoop
  • Rolling pin
  • Knife
  • Paramount crystals
  • Instructions

    1. Shape the Flames

    cake pop dough shaped into flame

    Use a cookie scoop to portion each piece uniformly. Roll the dough into a smooth ball, then pinch one side to crease a teardrop shape. Repeat eight more times until you have nine flames. Place in the fridge to chill.

    2. Make the Bases

    cookie cutter with cake pop dough

    Place the cake pop dough into a 2½” square cookie cutter and use a rolling pin to flatten and remove any extra dough from the top.

    square cake pop dough

    Gently push dough out of the cutter and using a sharp knife, cut into quarters. Make nine of these squares and refrigerate.

    3. Prep for Dipping

    Place your 6″ lollipop sticks in front of you. Set one aside and trim 1″ off of the remaining sticks. You should have one 6″ stick and eight 5″ sticks.

    In separate microwave-safe bowls, melt the yellow and navy blue candy wafers. Use paramount crystals to thin out the coating until it’s fluid and smooth.

    4. Insert the Sticks

    flame cake pops on sticks

    Remove all cake pop pieces from the refrigerator. Dip a lollipop stick about ⅓” into the yellow coating, then carefully push it into the bottom of a flame piece. Repeat until all flames are on a stick.

    5. Dip the Flames

    dip flame cake pop

    Dip the flames in yellow candy coating. Gently shake off any excess and use a toothpick to pierce any air bubbles. Place them on your cake pop stand and let them dry completely before moving on.

    5. Dip the Bases

    attaching bases

    Line your work space with wax paper. When the flames have dried, insert the other end of your lollipop sticks into the square bases, just as you did in step 4. Make sure the stick is completely straight, upright and not leaning. Lay them down to let the candy coating on the stick harden completely.

    dip cake pop base

    Once the candy coating on the stick has dried and set, dip the base in the navy blue coating. Gently shake off excess. Hold in the air for about 30 seconds before placing it on the wax paper to let dry completely. This will allow the bottom to harden just a bit before setting it down so the candy coating doesn’t pool excessively.

    hanukkah cake pops

    Once the bases have dried, line up your sweet menorah and serve!

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