6 Handmade Gifts Any Teacher Would Love

ombre mug cozy

Whether it’s your child’s elementary school teacher or your college professor, celebrate the teachers in your life with a handmade thank-you. These projects can all be done in just a few working sessions, so you can have ’em ready in time for Teacher Appreciation Day.

1. Woven Basket

woven basket

Stylish, simple and an easy storage solution — there are so many reasons to gift this basket to a teacher in your life. It’s perfect for holding books, school supplies and anything else an educator might need.


2. Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts

fair isle mitts

Bust your yarn stash and knit a pair of mitts that’ll keep hands warm and fingers free. Although the colorwork looks intricate, these are knit without shaping so they actually come together pretty easily.


3. Apple Mug Rug

Grab your scrap pile, ’cause all you need are small strips to stitch this cute mug rug. It’s sure to get you an A+ from any teacher.


4. Fabric Storage Bin

fabric bin

Think about how cute these easy-to-make fabric bins would look when sewn in school colors! Not only would one (or three) look great in a classroom, they’d also give your teacher some much-needed storage.


5. Crochet Mug Cozy

ombre mug cozy

Use leftover yarn (that’s all the same weight) to stitch a colorful mug cozy. It’ll keep their morning cup warm while showing off their vibrant personality.


6. Felt Pencil Case

felt pencil case

Teachers need a place for their pencils too! With some felt and simple embroidery stitches, you can DIY a cute case and dress it up any way they’d like.

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