10 Gift Ideas for Crocheters

Have a crocheter on your holiday gift list this year? Check ’em off easily with these great gift ideas for people who crochet.

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[/box]Crochet blue bird

1. Amigurumi woodland animals

For: The crocheter who loves cute animals

Take one look at this bluebird and you’ll see why Bluprint members fall in love with Stacey Trock’s Amigurumi: Woodland Animals class. In this class, your cute-crocheting friend will learn how to crochet this bluebird, plus a raccoon, a bear and a deer.

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[/one_half_last] Filatura Di Crosa Superior Yarn

2. Luxury yarn

For: The crocheter on a budget

As crafters, we feel a bit of guilt when we buy expensive supplies for ourselves. That’s why the holidays are the perfect time to gift a luxury yarn to a crocheter — it’s something we wouldn’t dare buy for ourselves. I like this Filatura di Crosa Superior Yarn made of 70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% extrafine merino. Pair it with a one-skein crochet pattern for the ultimate gift.

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[/one_half_last] Oversized crochet tote PatternPhoto via Bluprint member francine toukou

3. Oversize tote pattern

For: The crocheter who’s always crocheting for others

We all know a crocheter who’s constantly making baby blankets, hats and gloves for friends and family members. Encourage that crocheter to make something selfish. This tote pattern is simple enough that it won’t take up much time, but pretty enough that the crocheter will adore it. See more crochet patterns here.

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4. A to Z of Crochet book

For: Any experience level crocheter

Whether your friend is new to crochet or has been crocheting for decades, the A to Z of Crochet book is a guide they’ll refer to again and again. Forgot how to make a double treble crochet? Need to know how to fix a crochet mistake or make broomstick lace? It’s all here.

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5. Shuttle Tatting class

For: The crocheter who wants to change it up

Crocheting is fun, but sometimes you need to change it up a little. Marilee Rockley’s Shuttle Tatting class does just that. Your crocheting friend will be making lacy jewelry and pretty embellishments in no time.

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Yarn bag

6. Yarn pop bag

For: The crocheter who’s constantly on the go

The design of this Yarn Pop Bag from Lion Brand is nothing short of genius. Grommets on the bag allow you to feed your yarn through without getting it tangled —perfect for car rides and public transportation.

Click here to gift the Yarn Pop bag (or snag one for yourself!) >>[/one_half_last] Tunisian crochet book

7. Tunisian crochet book

For: the adventurous crocheter

It’s fun to put a little twist on a skill you already know. Buy your crocheting friend this Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet book — and possibly even some Tunisian crochet hooks to go along with it.

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8. Crochet-along

For: The crocheter who never finishes anything — and likes a surprise!

We’ll reveal our December crochet-along soon, and your crocheting friend can get in on all the fun. Crochet-alongs are great for crocheters who find it difficult to finish a project!

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Click here to gift this crochet-along (or add it to your wishlist!) >>[/one_half_last] Doily rugPhoto via Bluprint member Dainty Loops

9. Doily rug pattern

For: The crocheter who wants to redecorate

This pretty doily rug pattern is the perfect way to add a touch of crochet to your home. And since the project is crocheted with super-thick yarn, it can be completed in just one night!

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10. Crochet pins

For: The crocheter who likes to show off their love of crochet

We love these crochet-themed pinback buttons from Lion Brand. With phrases like “Yarn Ho” and “Born 2 Crochet, Forced to Work,” you’ll definitely get a laugh — and probably even a hug.

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[box type=”shadow”]Want even more ideas for the crocheter on your list? Check out Bluprint’s complete guide to Gift Ideas for Crocheters for even more books, classes, and yarn suggestions.[/box]

What crochet supplies are on your holiday wish list this year?

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