Free Pattern Friday Knitting: Free Baby Hat Knitting Pattern & More

TGIF has all new meaning with our new weekly Free Pattern Friday feature! Each week, we bring you a full batch of awesome free patterns to get your weekend started right (as in: with lots of great crafting projects). Knitters, check out these free knitting patterns, which includes a free baby hat knitting pattern. There’s plenty more, so browse these, grab what you like, and don’t forget to come back next Friday!

Free Baby Hat Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Free Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

This free Snowflake Baby Hat knitting pattern by Knitca is beautiful in its simplicity, and perfect for your  little snowflake’s head. [/one_half_last]

Free Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Free Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Here’s another free knitting pattern for you knitters who love babies (and, really, who doesn’t?)! Check out this incredible free Baby Chick Boots (Booties) pattern from Madmonkeyknits. Now those are some cute boots![/one_half_last]

Free Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Free Zip-Up Case Knitting Pattern

This free Thatched Cottage Zip-Up Case pattern from the Fluff and Fuzz pattern store on Bluprint has us running to our stash! This pattern makes a quirky, stylish, and totally functional zip-up case that will have your friends asking what boutique or vintage store you’ve been shopping at.[/one_half_last]

Free Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

There’s a reason some things are timeless: it’s because they’ve always worked, and they always will work. For instance, check out this free Lady Godiva Scarf Knitting pattern by Dancing Leaf Patterns. There won’t even come a time when that scarf will be out of fashion![/one_half_last]

Free Knitting Pattern
[one_half_last]Free Mitts Knitting Pattern

Fingerless mittens are a great way to keep your hands warm but maintain some dexterity (like using a camera, or dialing a phone). Everyone should have a pair! So why not make a pair for yourself? Perhaps you should start with this free Finger-Free Fingerless knitting pattern by Sarah-Marie’s Knitting Patterns.[/one_half_last]

Remember, we’re here every Friday giving you a whole fresh offering of free patterns. So come see us again!

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