Bring on the Color! Make a Statement With This Fun Crochet Technique

Entrelac refers to a type of pattern consisting of colored squares or diamonds organized in a repeating pattern to create a visually enticing graphic texture. It is a relatively young knitting technique (check out this class) that has been adopted by crocheters even more recently. It requires some basic knowledge of Tunisian crochet stitches.

Entrelac crochet can be worked in two or more colors.

Entrelac crochet can be worked in two or more colors.

How to Make Tunisian Crochet Entrelac pattern via

Entrelac crochet can be worked row by row, creating stripes of diamonds in various colors. It can also be worked in the round like a granny square, with the each round in a different color.

Gathering your materials

Whether it’s worked in rows or worked in rounds, entrelac crochet gets its graphic design from alternating colors. Therefore, you’ll need at least two different colors of yarn for this tutorial. Entrelac crochet uses Tunisian crochet, so you’ll need to choose a crochet hook that has a long enough shaft to hold multiple loops. You can use a Tunisian crochet hook if you would like, though a regular crochet hook will work just fine.

Entrelac crochet round 1

The first step in this entrelac crochet project is to create the center square in your first color, color A. Here are the individual steps for that.

Step 1:

Ch 7 and insert hook into BLO of 2nd ch from hook. Yarn over and pull through one loop, leaving one loop on hook. Insert hook into BLO of next ch, yarn over and pull through one loop, leaving two loops on the hook. Repeat across the chain so that you have seven loops on the hook.

entrelac crochet part one

Tutorial images by Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

You have now reached the end of that row. At this stage, do not turn your work. You will be working backwards across the row to create the next row.

Step 2:

Yarn over and pull through the first loop on the furthest left of the work (for right-handed crocheters). *Yarn over and pull through the next two loops; repeat from * to end. There will be one loop left on your hook.

how to entrelac crochet step two

Step 3:

You will see that you now have vertical posts on the front of your emerging entrelac square. Skip the first vertical post (at the right end of the square) and insert your hook behind the next vertical post.

Yarn over and pull through, leaving two loops on your hook.

Repeat across, inserting your hook behind each vertical post and pulling it through, adding one loop to your hook each time, so you’ll have seven loops on your hook at the end.

crochet entrelac step three

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 and 3 another three times. End with a repeat of step two to close the square. Fasten off.

entrelac crochet square

Round 2

Step 1:

Now it’s time to change colors, so switch to color B, attaching it in any corner of the first square to begin. You’ll be working around the first square, creating a new square on each side of that square for a total of four squares in color B in round two.

Once it’s attached, draw up one loop of color B and ch 6.

Step 2:

Insert hook in BLO of second ch from hook, yarn over and pull through one loop. Repeat across until you have seven loops on your hook. The last loop should be in the corner of the first square where you joined color B.

entrelac crochet second square

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 through 4 above (from round 1) to complete the first square in round two. There is one difference: The final stitch on the left side of each row is joined in the next stitch of the square from round one, which connects the two squares.

crochet entrelac square two

Step 4:

Slip stitch into the next five vertical bars and into next corner of the first square. There should be one loop left on your hook.

entrelac crochet slip stitchesentrelac crochet second square finished

Step 5:

Repeat steps 1 through 4 from round 2 three times so that you have a total of four squares — one on each side of the first square. Fasten off.

entrelac crochet round two finished

Additional Rounds

Additional rounds will be worked similar to round two. However, round two consisted of only corner squares, which only connect to one side of existing squares. Future rounds will have corner squares and side squares, which connect to the existing work on two sides.

Side squares are very similar to corner squares with a minor difference: You do not do a chain six at the beginning of a side square. Instead, you simply move from the corner to the next spot where you’re going to create your square. Insert your hook into the first vertical bar there and begin drawing up your loops, proceeding as normal to create the rest of the square.

Take it to the next level

tunisian entrelac crochet pillows

How to Make Tunisian Crochet Entrelac pattern via

Ready to take this technique a little bit further? You can begin with the advanced tutorial by Gourmet Crochet called Make Tunisian Crochet Entrelac. In addition to the in-the-round technique that you’ve learned here, it also has instructions for creating diamonds on point, diagonal stripes and “sunshine and shadow” patterns in entrelac crochet. Plus, the guide has tips for making both small and large projects in square and rectangular shapes.

entrelac crochet fingerless gloves

Entrelac Crochet Fingerless Glovespattern via WoolnHook

If you want to work on entrelac crochet patterns, start with a small pattern like these Entrelac Crochet Fingerless Gloves. The pattern is worked in three colors, but you can use any number of colors you like!

tunisian entrelac crochet neckwarmer

Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Neckwarmer pattern via manosa

This buttoned entrelac crochet neckwarmer is another great option for taking your newfound skills to the next level.

entrelac crochet doll

Crochet Gwendolyn Doll pattern via

Although entrelac crochet is typically seen worked on its own, it can be incorporated with other crochet techniques in unique ways. We can see from this crochet doll pattern that it’s even possible to work it into amigurumi!

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