Trend Alert! 9 Fun Projects to Crochet With Flat Yarn

Flat yarn — also called tape yarn or ribbon yarn — is a unique fiber that’s exceptionally wide and flat. It also happens to be having a major moment!

Want to give flat yarn a try, but can’t figure out how? Try the patterns in this collection.

pillowji pillows crochet pattern

Photo via All About Ami

1. Pillowji Pillows

These fun emoji-inspired crochet pillows are created using Lion Brand Fast Track Yarn, a bulky weight, cotton-polyester blend flat yarn. The cotton in this yarn makes it soft but sturdy yarn — perfect for home decor. These pillows work up quickly, using one skein of yarn per pillow.

sari silk nesting bowls crochet pattern

Photo via The Firefly Hook

2. Sari Silk Nesting Bowls

Crochet patterns that call for recycled sari silk yarn are often good choices for using flat yarn, as this yarn tends to be wide and flat. This is a great set of 4 crochet nesting bowls that range in size from under 3″ diameter to about 6″. Make them all or just make one in the size that you need.

heart basket crochet pattern

Photo via GaBoSocks Pattern Store

3. Heart Basket

Bulky weight flat yarn (or double-stranded flat yarn in lighter weights) will work well for all types of crochet bowls and crochet baskets. This heart-shaped basket was originally designed to be made with sisal but can be created in many different materials and tape yarn is a nice choice.

t-shirt yarn purse crochet pattern

Photo via Prochet Design

4. T-Shirt Yarn Bag

Consider adapting at T-shirt yarn patterns for your flat yarn! Although the yarns are a bit different, they do have a lot of similarities. For example, try using tape yarn to make this small crochet purse. The yarn’s thickness helps protect what you have inside and creates durable straps that will stand the test of time.

ribbon belt crochet pattern

Photo via Andrea’s Yarn Basket

5. Incredible Ribbon Belt

Simple crochet accessories made with the basic stitches are a top choice for working with flat yarn. This crochet belt is a good example. It’s made with single crochet and treble crochet stitches that nicely showcase the texture of this unique yarn. Bonus: The belt can also double as a skinny scarf!

navy braid necklace free crochet pattern

Photo via Monnalisa’s Pattern Store

6. Navy Braid Necklace

Chunky crochet jewelry is another accessory that accentuates flat yarn perfectly. This necklace is very simple, made with single crochet stitches that are then braided to create a more interesting design. This is the type of project that works up really fast and doesn’t require a lot of yarn but gives you a lot of bang for your buck, dressing up any outfit with funky flair.

Spirals FREE Rug Crochet Pattern

Photo via ByNumber19

7. 5 Spirals Rug

Simple crochet rugs work well using flat yarn. A bulky weight flat yarn can be substituted for T-shirt yarn in patterns such as this one, creating high-class home decor that’s cozy under bare feet. This small rug is designed for use in a bathroom but would also work nicely in a kitchen.

doily rug crochet pattern

Photo via Dainty Loops

8. Doily Rug

Flat yarn works nicely in openwork crochet patterns, too! This is especially true for bulky weight flat yarn because the open spaces contrast nicely with the chunky crochet. This doily rug is a lovely example of a decorative piece that is very eye-catching because of this exact contrast.

sari silk fringe skirt crochet pattern

Photo via Of Mars

9. Sari Silk Fringe Skirt

This skirt is designed to be worn over leggings or other clothing — really, it’s more like a belt with lots of long, beautiful fringe. Flat yarn makes for terrific texture that creates interesting fringe, so it’s a fun choice for a project like this one.

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3 Responses to “Trend Alert! 9 Fun Projects to Crochet With Flat Yarn”

  1. Kristine Lakenan

    I would be interested in the pattern for the Spirals Rug.

  2. Kelly J Aguirre

    Where do I find these and other flat yarn project patterns. Specifically scarf/hat patterns

  3. pookantri18194220

    How can one access the patterns that are listed here? Trying to find the patterns for the belt and the necklace, but there are no links?? Doesn't the new Craftsy still honor the patterns that have been on the site that they have taken over?