How to Crochet a Circle Vest Just in Time for Spring

woman wearing rainbow circle crochet vest

Reasons to love crochet circle vests: there’s no shaping involved, they’re cute wardrobe additions and they all follow the same basic formula. If you can crochet a circle, you can make a simple, fashionable vest. But don’t stop there — these garments can be made in any yarn and have a ton of variations for total customization.

Circle Vest

Level: Intermediate

1. Crochet a Circle

crochet circle vest start

First, you need to work in the round to crochet a flat circle. You can use any crochet circle pattern you want, from a simple double crochet circle to a more complex crochet doily or mandala pattern.

Crochet the circle until the diameter is large enough to fit across your back. You’ll add the armholes in the next round, so the circle must be wide enough to reach your arms.

2. Add Armholes

crochet circle vest

Add armholes by creating chain spaces in the round of your circle. The size of your holes will depend on how large you want to make your armholes.

Skip the same number of stitches as the length of your chain. Example: if you chained 8, skip 8 stitches and begin crocheting into the 9th stitch.

crochet circle vest arm holes

Continue working around the circle, repeating the chains directly across from your first armhole. You should have the same number of stitches between each armhole, and the holes should be the same size.

Complete the round.

Good to Know: There’s no exact formula for how many stitches you need to crochet around or how many chain stitches each arm hole should have. It’s most important that the chains be directly across from one another, the same size and large enough to fit your arms through.

At this stage, try on the vest to make sure the circle is comfortable on your back and your arms fit through.

3. Grow the Circle

crocheting circle vest

Continue the next round of your circle as normal. When you reach the armholes, work the correct number of stitches (including increases) into that chain space.

shaping circle vest

Continue making rounds until you have completed your circle and the vest is the size you want. It’s that basic!


If you want to customize your circle vest, here are some easy ways to mix it up.

1. Vary Your Circle Pattern

For example, use single crochets instead of double crochets . This is the easiest way to change what your circle vest looks like.

2. Add Sleeves

The circle vest is a great starter for making a cardigan or jacket — just work the sleeves in the round at each armhole.

3. Move the Location of the Armholes

The basic pattern calls for an equal number of stitches between the arm holes, but that rule isn’t set in stone. Try fewer stitches on top and more stitches on the bottom, moving the placement of the arms so the circle vest has a different drape on the body.

4. Add Additional Shaping

You could add stitches on the front of the vest so it closes more, or add an edging at the bottom to lengthen it without growing the top. Make it your own!

Circle Vest Patterns to Stitch

Make your very own circle vest with any of these fun patterns.

1. Wear the Rainbow

woman wearing rainbow circle crochet vest

The rainbow-inspired color changes of this design means your stitching will never feel monotonous. Plus, by the time you reach the outer edges, the rounds are made primarily of chains and work up quickly.


2. Spider Dance

crochet white circle vest

This basic circle vest has one special detail: the skulls surrounding the spiderweb design element in the center. Beyond that, it’s made with simple chains, giving beginners a great understanding of the construction.


3. Puff It Out

crochet puff stitch circle vest

This simple crochet circle vest uses puff stitches for texture. It’s built in the same manner as the basic recipe, with a shell stitch edging and a button closure for extra decorative flair.


4. Go Goth

crochet spider web circle vest

This spiderweb circle is created with lots of open chain work, and the style is super popular for circle vests. (Not to mention it’d be great for Halloween .) If you’re looking for a darker aesthetic, leave off the last row of ruffles.


5. Shrug It Off

crochet orange circle vest

This ladies’ shrug is worked in double crochet stitches using strategic spacing to give some additional detail. With an optional button closure, it’s a terrific example of a basic but beautiful crochet circle vest.


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