Creative Cabled Necklines

Knitting cabled necklines is fun and approachable! Join expert instructor Fiona Ellis and learn focal point design principles and how to create areas of interest with lines and textures. Then, discover how to design or modify existing patterns to make your cables run into or around the neckline. Plus, you’ll discover how to incorporate functional and stylish I-cords into your knitwear, before Fiona shows you how to extend your stitches past the garment’s edge. It will create a look that’s off the charts!

Class Preview


Meet your instructor, Fiona, and dive into her expertise by learning to create a compelling focal point.

Necklines: More Than Neatening

Learn to do more with your necklines than simply neaten those all-important lines. Get beyond pre-existing patterns and explore continuous cables.

Cable Patterns

Explore different cables with Fiona’s expert guidance and learn the benefits of leaving stitches live.

Framing the Neckline

Learn to frame your neckline with cables. Fiona shows you myriad options for elegantly adding to your designs’ most important lines.

Neat Additions

Learn to make I-cords, fastenings, frogging closures and ball buttons. These finishing touches will help your knitted creations stand out!

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