Craftsy Premium: The Best Pie Crust Dough

Master pastry chef Colette Christian shares the best pie making techniques just in time for the holidays.


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328 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: The Best Pie Crust Dough”

  1. Margaret Walker

    What a great teacher- I love her humor and practical advice.

  2. Dalene Kitslaar

    This class was great and so fun. I hosted my neighbor, who also enjoys Craftsy to join me. Fabulous results! Loved the chemistry behind pie dough making.wish I could send photos.

  3. Dalene Kitslaar

    I am a premium member and was able to view the first half of this class but not able able to find the class to finish viewing. I am requesting access.

  4. Crystal Flory

    What an amazing class! I've been baking pie crusts for years and feel like a whole new world has been opened : )

  5. Daniel

    So overmixing will make the dough tough, right?

  6. Judie Gade

    Always looking to learn something new for my pie baking repertoire!

  7. Louise

    I tried it and the crust was not flaky.

  8. Patricia

    So glad I tuned in. Excellent class!! Can't wait to bake my next pie. I feel I have learned the right techniques that will lead to success.

  9. Darlene D Swain

    Pie crust

  10. Deb Pentek

    This was a fantastic Craftsy Premium Live event! I love the tips of adding apple cider vinegar and cooking directly on a baking sheet. Thank you Colette - you are a great teacher!