Craftsy Chats: Pastries with Colette Christian

Join us for Craftsy Chats with master pastry chef Colette Christian. She shares her best tips for making pastries. If you love baking, make sure to download Collette’s recipe for an Italian Braided Sweet Bread Wreath.

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11 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Pastries with Colette Christian”

  1. Michelle

    THANK YOU COLLETTE ! This was so fun to watch/listen to. I am new to baking from scratch and thoroughly enjoyed your approach to answering questions. You really are a wonderful teacher, keeping it real in the moment! Looking forward to your next chat!

  2. CTScan

    Thank you, Colette, for all of your insights and tips!! I have learned much today and am inspired to try some new things 🌞 Have a wonderful week

  3. Dorothy

    What a great chat!! About the sugar again…does the 10% less sugar apply to muffins as well? Or can I go down lower or add some other ingredient to reduce the sugar?
    Thanks for the excellent information in this chat!

  4. Toni

    These may not be classically considered ‘pastries’, but when I try to make meringues, the texture is still ‘grainy’ and not very smooth. Do I need to use special sugar and not just cane sugar for the recipes? Thank you.

    • Emri

      I struggle with macaroons… they make a nice foot but then start cracking and is completely hollow inside…what could be the reason?

  5. Ann Martens

    I put my Madeline batter in refrigerator for two hours before I baked them. I got no humps. What did I do wrong? I’m sure I followed the recipe.

  6. Val

    When I par bake pie crusts they slide down the pan. I’m afraid if I put them in the fridge then bake, the pan will break.

    • Brenda

      I find an awful lot of cake and cookie recipes far too sweet. How much can I reduce the sugar percentage wise before the recipe no longer chemically will not work