Craftsy Chats: Colette Christian talks pastries!

Join us for Craftsy Chats to talk about pastries with Colette Christian. We will be live for one hour on April 5th at 1:00 pm.

You can also check out our most recent live series that Colette was a part of titled our Spring into Crafting right here and grab her recipe for Italian Braided Sweet Bread Wreath.

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11 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Colette Christian talks pastries!”
  1. Michelle

    THANK YOU COLLETTE ! This was so fun to watch/listen to. I am new to baking from scratch and thoroughly enjoyed your approach to answering questions. You really are a wonderful teacher, keeping it real in the moment! Looking forward to your next chat!

  2. CTScan

    Thank you, Colette, for all of your insights and tips!! I have learned much today and am inspired to try some new things 🌞 Have a wonderful week

  3. Dorothy

    What a great chat!! About the sugar again…does the 10% less sugar apply to muffins as well? Or can I go down lower or add some other ingredient to reduce the sugar?
    Thanks for the excellent information in this chat!

  4. Toni

    These may not be classically considered ‘pastries’, but when I try to make meringues, the texture is still ‘grainy’ and not very smooth. Do I need to use special sugar and not just cane sugar for the recipes? Thank you.

    • Emri

      I struggle with macaroons… they make a nice foot but then start cracking and is completely hollow inside…what could be the reason?

  5. Ann Martens
    Ann Martens

    I put my Madeline batter in refrigerator for two hours before I baked them. I got no humps. What did I do wrong? I’m sure I followed the recipe.

  6. Val

    When I par bake pie crusts they slide down the pan. I’m afraid if I put them in the fridge then bake, the pan will break.

    • Brenda

      I find an awful lot of cake and cookie recipes far too sweet. How much can I reduce the sugar percentage wise before the recipe no longer chemically will not work