Craftsy Chats: Baking with Colette Christian

Join us for Craftsy Chats, a monthly LIVE Q&A session with Craftsy instructors. Master pastry chef Colette Christian answers your baking questions live for a full hour.

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49 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Baking with Colette Christian”

  1. Eva

    How can i get a hold of someone from the chat line regarding quilting classes

  2. Kathryn Kesterson

    Thank u!

  3. Shanaaz Mia

    Still new to pie baking need help

  4. terasa

    She is awesome! Love her!

  5. Eliana Rosa Coelho

    Estudar gastronomia

  6. lavernesm1529887

    Can I watch a recording of this? How can I access it. I am also unable to download the class materials. Thank you

  7. Debra Duncan

    I wish someone would send info out more on the membership and fees. Does it work the same as it did before blueprint shut down? Are you able to watch all classes. I have googled and still can not find enough info. I thought when I signed up that someone would eventually send more details in how the new Craftsy memberships work.

  8. Darlene Turenne

    Can I watch it now? I work during the day

  9. Gillian

    I’m hoping we can watch a recorded session for Australian subscribers. I don’t fancy getting up in the middle of the night to watch. ☹️

  10. Petra

    thank you so much for all of these excellent informations Best wishes from Germany