These 10 Quilting Classes Are Worth Watching Again and Again

woman draping quilt top

You know how, no matter how many amazing TV shows or movies air, you still have your go-to favorites; the ones you watch over and over again? Yeah, same thing happens here. These are the best quilting classes to fire up whenever you’re in need of an extra dose of inspo or want to brush up on skills.

1. Startup Library: Quilting

quilting easy quilt top view

Newbie quilters, this is the class for nabbing tricks and techniques that’ll up your game. A few favorites: Learning how to chain-piece (or assembly-line) sew several blocks at once — time saver FTW — and how to spray baste your quilt even when there isn’t a ton of wall space.


2. The Machine Quilter’s Toolbox

machine quilting supplies

Machine quilting is simple, so long as you have the right tools for the job. This class gives you the low-down on everything from choosing the perfect batting to marking your design, and highlights the gear that makes each task easier along the way.


3. Quilting on the Grid

colorful free-motion quilts

When you’re staring at a big, blank quilt top, the idea of free-motion machine quilting can feel crazy intimidating. But once you learn how to break up your quilt into smaller spaces — or grids — with a walking foot, you’ll nip that fear right in the bud.


4. The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt

bound blue quilts fanned out

Every quilt needs a binding, so why not make it an exciting part of your design? Whether you want to bind curvy edges or apply funky accents, you’ll learn tons of techniques in this class — not to mention clever sayings that help commit them to memory.


5. Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Minis

mojo mini quilts

Sometimes, you just need to step away from precise piecing. So let loose and have some fun! This class teaches you how to experiment with color, fabric choices and design concepts, all while pulling together four fun, fast mini quilts that’ll look perfect on your sewing room wall.


6. Stack, Cut and Shuffle Quilts

stack and whack fabric

Not only is this class a great way to bust your stash, but you’ll also pick up tons of tricks for any quilt you work on next. One secret involves using sticky notes — seriously, sticky notes! — to get the most out of your square rulers, so you know it’s gonna be good.


7. 28 Days to Better Free-Motion Quilting

angela walters holding striped quilt

From simple scribbles to full-on feathers, gain the skills you need to free-motion quilt like a pro. Craftsy’s top instructors show you how, and you’ll see your skills improve with just a few minutes of practice each day.


8. The Scrappy Market Tote

scrappy market totes

No pattern, no problem! With this tutorial, you can use the scraps from your last big quilting project to create a tote bag that’s perfect for the next grocery run.


9. Free-Motion Quilted Gifts

woman free-motion quilting

Quilting cool projects doesn’t have to take forever. All you need is an open afternoon and you can stitch three textured projects worth gifting during the holiday season.


10. Piece by Piece: Quilt-As-You-Go Techniques

quilt as you go block

Forget everything you thought you knew about quilting, and say goodbye to giant quilt sandwiches. This class is a great intro to the quilt-as-you-go technique — a speedy way to stitch that’s worth having in your repertoire.


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