7 Pro Tips For Sock Knitting Success (Even if it's Your First Time)

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The difference between a pair of hand-knit socks and the ones from the store is sort of like the difference between cotton and cashmere. (No offense to cotton! Cashmere is just extra.) If you’ve ever put on a pair, you know that hand-knit equals exceptional warm and cozy foot happiness. So even if you’re a beginner knitter, they’re totally worth the effort. Here’s how you can set yourself up for sock-knitting success.

1. Choose a Heavier Weight Yarn

If you’re not yet confident using sock-weight yarn, get started with heavier yarn and then graduate to sock yarn for your next project. When you don’t have to worry about the yarn, you can focus more on the techniques.

Just remember that if you knit socks with worsted weight yarn or a heavier weight, you might end up with something closer to a bootie or slipper than a traditional under-your-shoes sock. That’s OK — think of your new cozy footwear as an excuse to stay in with your cocoa and more knitting.

2. Consider Your Fiber Choice, Too

Choose a yarn that has a good amount of elasticity so that your socks don’t end up all droopy in some places. Wool yarns with a bit of nylon in them are always a solid choice for elasticity. If you don’t want to hand-wash your socks — and who does? — make sure you look for a superwash wool.

3. Try Out Different Types of Needles

If your stitches are slipping right off your plastic needles, try a pair of bamboo needles instead. They tend to have a little more grip.

4. Start With a Simple Pattern

You can find all kinds of beautiful sock knitting patterns that feature cables, lace, decorative stitches and more. Those patterns definitely deserve a spot on your “to-knit” list, but they might not be the best choice for newbies. Instead, opt for a simple pattern (think: stockinette or ribbing) that lets you focus on the construction.

Pro Tip: You can find a beginner-friendly pattern and step-by-step tutorial in our class My First Socks.

6. Use a Gauge Swatch for Practice (and for Fit!)

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You really can’t skip doing a gauge swatch when knitting socks (sorry). Checking your gauge is essential for making sure your finished socks actually fit your feet. Use your gauge swatch as an opportunity to practice with sock yarn and smaller needles as well.

Since socks are knit in the round, your gauge swatch should be knit in the round, too. Seasoned knitters will dive right into their sock and measure gauge as they go. And this method works just fine — assuming you’re both experienced AND prepared to rip out your work if the gauge isn’t right.

6. Trust the Pattern

Real talk: wacky things may happen when you get to the heel. It might even look like you’re knitting a sock for an alien who has toes at odd angles. You might freak out when you’re knitting in the round and suddenly the pattern asks you to knit flat. It’s okay, though. Breathe, and trust that the pattern is guiding you to where you need to be. If you’re feeling a little uneasy about it, cast on a swatch and test out knitting the heel before you work on the actual sock.

7. When in Doubt, Go With a Kit

If you’re uneasy about choosing a pattern, yarn and needles, make life simple and buy a sock knitting kit! Knitting kits include a designer pattern, plus the yarn you’ll need to make the socks. All you have to buy is your own set of double-pointed or circular needles — and you might already have those!

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    Is it possible to download articles? I found this one to be very informative and would like to have a copy.

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    Thanks kindly for your informative, well written, and humorous article. Lol’d when I read the paragraph about knitting the heel. So appreciate info drafted with a bright & creative mind.

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    • Aranka

      If you look for Knitty Natty on Youtube, she has AMAZING videos that explain everything very clearly. The cast on, the toe, the heel, the cuff, the bindoff. Combined with a pattern (but you don’t have to even) this is all you need! They’re not superlong videos either, so it’s easy to get into.

  3. Nancy Krehlik

    I am going to knit my first pair of socks and could use the support and guidance from this! Thanks!