3D Embroidery Is Taking Over Everyone's Hoops Right Now

3d embroidered braids

Embroidery is everywhere, and its latest cool twist is breaking free of the hoop! We’re in love with the 3D stitchery that extends beyond the traditional flat circle with flowing threads or bumpy flourishes. Get in on the trend with these come-to-life ideas.

Meet Your Braided Besties

3d embroidered braids

Photo by @deserteclipsestudio

Long, luxurious locks are a signature technique in 3D work, and we especially love this sweetly plaited interpretation that reminds us of our BFFs from grade school. Extra points for replicating those gorgeous “knit” sweaters.

Go Below the Hoop

3d vegetable embroidery hoops

Photo by @catchtheinspiration

You can create the feathery stems and leaves seen inside these hoops by making a simple, high-contrast green backstitch. And while this artist actually crafted the lifelike roots from thread, you can always opt to make a simpler version using felt.

Make Multimedia

colorful 3d embroidery shapes

Photo by @nibyniebo_

We love this cool, watery palette, not to mention the incredibly precise satin stitching that makes the piece extra polished and modern. Extra layers of magic lie in the tiny polymer sculptures that are hand-shaped and threaded in though, so don’t leave them out of your creation.

Twist Some Paper

3d hand embroidered plant

Photo by @ovobloom

What looks like a 3D thread treatment is actually twisted and knotted crepe paper. And if you look closely, you’ll see how the satin stitch on the leaves is intentionally layered for an irregular, organic effect.

Let Your Fabric Flow

3d embroidered hair and dress

Photo by @kayra.handmade

Why should thread have all the fun? A sweep of tulle turns this sweet scene into a true fairy tale. (And there’s that gorgeous loose hair technique again.) Our favorite just-right detail: the perfect French knots that look like roses in her ‘do.

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