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Gardening Classes from the Pros

From planning to harvesting, we're here to help with lessons and inspiration that'll help your vision flourish.


What We're Into

Plan the Perfect Vegetable Garden

Given the warmer weather, the ever-important vegetable garden layout is on the minds of many gardeners! And because there is many a thing to consider when planning your vegetable garden. we've rounded up tips to ensure yours will be beautiful this year!

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Stop & Grow the Roses

Discover Secrets to Successful Rose Gardening, an exclusive, free PDF Guide from Craftsy. Download it today for instant, on-the-go access to essential rose gardening tutorials and expert tips to help you grow your easiest, most beautiful roses yet!

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Buzz Off!

Nothing ruins a warm, sunny day in the garden like the incessant buzz of mosquitoes. Fortunately, by choosing the right plants, you can repel them naturally - and we've got just the 6 you need!

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Get your first class for only $14.99

Get your first class for only $14.99